Sociology and Anthropology (BA)

Explore the dynamics of society and cultures.

MBU students can declare a major in Sociology and Anthropology until August 2024.
Students who have already declared a major or will declare one from the existing course catalog prior to August 2024 will be able to complete their major on schedule through courses offered at Mary Baldwin.

Sociologists explore how our social contexts and institutions influence our actions and behaviors, while anthropologists examine the development and diversity of human ways of living. By combining these two fields, we can uncover patterns in the way societies change over time and gain insight into the forces that shape our world. 

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Why Study Sociology and Anthropology at Mary Baldwin?

The sociology and anthropology program at Mary Baldwin University offers a transformative educational experience that delves into the complexities of society, culture, and human behavior. Through a rigorous curriculum and a strong emphasis on the application of sociological and anthropological principles, our program equips students with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives needed to critically analyze social phenomena and understand the diverse world in which we live.

Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on theory and research methodology, providing students with the tools to investigate and analyze complex social phenomena. Through a series of core required courses, students delve into the theoretical frameworks that shape our understanding of society and culture. Additionally, our statistics and research methods courses offer graduate-level learning opportunities, allowing students to develop advanced research skills. Many of our students’ research work has been published and presented at professional conferences.

Features and Benefits:

  • Engage with the community through service-learning opportunities
  • Graduate-level learning and advanced research opportunities
  • Internships 

“Having a tight-knit community, where I knew I was always supported and could receive advice whenever I needed it, was an amazing feeling.”

Kaylin Coe ’20criminal justice and sociology double major

Our courses offer unique opportunities 

Mary Baldwin offers experiences that allow students to integrate their classroom learning with real-world issues and discoveries. Our faculty work closely with each student to help create a program that fits their interests and career goals. Our department focuses on public and applied approaches, allowing students to connect our courses and programs directly with careers in healthcare, criminal justice, social services, non-profits, and education, including museum work and public outreach.

Sample Courses:

Unique student support

The McCree Center for Life Success assists current students and alumni in finding the best opportunities throughout their career development. We work closely with both faculty and employers to identify how your valued education best matches the needs of today’s evolving marketplace.

Not your ordinary outcomes  

Sociology and anthropology students are often employed by social services, non-profits, local, state, or federal agencies, or international non-governmental organizations – directly making a difference in people’s lives.

There are emerging employment opportunities for students in both sociology and anthropology in the business, marketing, and tech fields. Students in sociology and anthropology have skills in quantitative and qualitative social research which allows them to conduct surveys, interviews, textual analysis, and focus groups. 

Here are just a few examples of what recent graduates are doing now: 

  • Diversity coordinator, University of West Florida
  • Qualitative researcher and program manager, Stanford University
  • Grants manager, Vanderbilt University 
  • Manager of historical programming at Allaire Inc.
  • PhD candidate in anthropology at American University
  • Brand Engagement Manager at Mary Baldwin University

Cost & Financial Aid

A great education is worth it. Here’s how Mary Baldwin helps you pay for it: Generous financial aid packages, a broad range of scholarships, transferring maximum credit hours from previous coursework or relevant work and life experiences — the list goes on. Our mission is to help you level up and bring your aspirations to life.

MBU helps you fast-track your path to a political science degree with the opportunity to transfer up to 18 credits (6 courses) through direct course equivalents from the Virginia Community Colleges System.

  • Cost per credit hour: $486
  • Credits required for a bachelor’s degree: 120

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