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Building healthier, stronger communities

At MBU’s School of Health Professions, we’re equipping the next generation of health and wellness practitioners with the skills, confidence, and compassion needed to improve patient outcomes.

Our School also provides in-person and online programs in healthcare administration, as well as a unique joint MBA & MHA program, allowing you to advance your studies and grow your career in less time.

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The Murphy Deming Experience

The Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences is located in Fishersville, just a few miles from the historic Staunton campus. Students enrolled in our physical therapy, occupational therapy, and physician assistant programs call this state-of-the-art campus their home.

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Our Faculty

Our school’s faculty is made up of skilled professionals with extensive real-world experience in their practice areas. They are committed to seeing you succeed, offering one-on-one mentorship and real-world experience.

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