Healthcare Administration/Business Administration (MHA/MBA)

Elevate Your Future in Healthcare Management.

Acquire business acumen and specialized knowledge to excel in the healthcare industry. In our MHA/MBA dual-degree program, you’ll learn effective leadership skills that promote organizational excellence, including creating a shared vision, fostering teamwork and collaboration, and managing organizational change. You’ll also develop the critical thinking and decision-making skills to address the legal, ethical, financial, and regulatory environments in healthcare systems. 

Time to finish
2 years
MHA/MBA Dual Degree

Why Earn Dual Masters Degrees in Healthcare Administration and Business Administration? 

The MHA/MBA dual degree program is specifically designed for individuals seeking to enhance their career opportunities in both business management and healthcare administration. This unique program combines core business courses that delve into the healthcare market and industry, along with specialized healthcare administration courses. By integrating these two disciplines, students gain a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of healthcare management and develop the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in high-level healthcare leadership roles.

You’ll gain awareness of the social, economic, legislative, and demographic factors that impact healthcare delivery in the United States. Learn to relate theory to practice through case study analysis and course projects, assess evidence-based research to support business decisions, and develop and execute change management strategies for organizational improvement. 

The MHA/MBA program cultivates leaders who possess the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies to drive organizational transformation in both private and public healthcare organizations. Students will learn to align quality and safety activities with strategic goals, apply improvement models, design data collection and reporting processes, and translate accreditation and licensing requirements into effective procedures.

Courses and Curriculum 

The curriculum of the MHA/MBA dual degree program is carefully crafted to provide a well-rounded education that encompasses both business and healthcare administration. Faculty will bring real-world experience to the classroom and both challenge and mentor students to develop broad-based cognitive, technical, and professional skills that will enable them to succeed in a diversity of healthcare leadership roles.

Sample courses:

  • MHA 501 Organizational & Systems Leadership
  • MHA 502 The Business of Healthcare
  • MHA 504 Policy, Ethics & Legal Perspectives
  • MHA 509 Organizational Behavior & Management in Healthcare
  • MHA 510 Financial Management of Healthcare Systems
  • MHA 601 Quantitative and Qualitative Methods for Decisions in Health Systems
  • MHA 602 Community, Public & Population Health
  • MHA 610 Quality Improvement & Patient Safety
  • BUAD 560 Managerial Accounting & Finance
  • BUAD 561 Entrepreneurial Leadership & Strategies in Healthcare
  • BUAD 562 Medical Innovation & Project Management
  • BUAD 563 Marketing & Branding in Healthcare
  • BUAD 564 Human Capital Management in Healthcare
  • BUAD 565 Healthcare Information Management
  • BUAD 660 Strategic Planning & Process Improvement

Outstanding Outcomes 

With an MHA/MBA dual degree from Mary Baldwin University, graduates are well-positioned to pursue a wide range of career opportunities at the intersection of business and healthcare administration. Graduates may find employment in hospitals, healthcare consulting firms, pharmaceutical companies, insurance providers, government agencies, and other healthcare organizations. Potential job roles include healthcare administrator, hospital executive, healthcare consultant, operations manager, strategic planner, and more. The comprehensive knowledge and skills acquired through this program make graduates valuable assets in the rapidly evolving healthcare industry.

Cost & Financial Aid

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