Education (MEd)

It’s time to level up your teaching career.

We offer eight MEd programs for licensed teachers looking to advance their careers in education. From Gifted Ed to Authentic Learning and Leadership, our programs provide you with the most up-to-date pedagogical approaches, techniques, and technologies to excel in the classroom and beyond. Also, we offer online and hybrid programs, allowing you to more easily fit courses into your already busy schedule.

Time to finish
1 – 2 years
Master of Education (MEd)

Why Pursue an MEd at Mary Baldwin?

In addition to acquiring advanced knowledge and specialized skills, pursuing an MEd opens doors to new opportunities and career advancement. Mary Baldwin’s programs delve deep into educational theory, research methodologies, and practical applications, equipping you with a comprehensive understanding of pedagogy and educational leadership.

This depth of knowledge not only enhances your teaching abilities but also positions you as a leader in education and within your community.

Mary Baldwin offers the following MEd programs. Learn more about individual programs using the links below:

Note: You must have a teaching license and bachelor’s degree to apply to the MEd programs.

“Getting an MEd is one of the best ways for a teacher to specialize in a particular area of interest, take on a leadership position in a school or district, and increase their overall compensation.”

 Pamela BaileyAssociate Dean and Director, School of Education

Unique student support

The McCree Center for Life Success assists current students and alumni in finding the best opportunities throughout their career development. We work closely with both faculty and employers to identify how your valued education best matches the needs of today’s evolving marketplace.

Outstanding Outcomes and Opportunities

MBU’s reputation for producing exceptionally qualified teachers means that an MEd from MBU translates into meaningful career advancement for our graduates.

Cost & Financial Aid

We work hard to make an MBU education one of the most affordable in the country. 95% percent of MBU students receive scholarship awards or financial aid. And MBU helps you get your degree faster by maximizing transfer credits and translating relevant work and life experiences into course credits. A great education is worth it. Let us help you bring your aspirations to life.

It’s time to level up your career. Apply today!