Faculty and Staff Recognized for Years of Service

May 24, 2017

Forty-two Mary Baldwin University faculty and staff were honored for their service at the annual employee appreciation breakfast on May 23. Many gathered to recognize the hard work and dedication of those who reached the five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 40-year milestones, collectively amounting to 540 years of service. Professor of Theatre Terry Southerington received a standing ovation for her 40 years of service.

5 Years

Liz Stelling

Linda Seestedt-Stanford

Laura Cammaroto

Clayton Brooks

Amanda Minix

Martha Modlin

Phoebe West

Posthumous honors for Sarah Cloonan given to Mary Almarode.
Not pictured:

Teri Beasley, Sarah Cloonan, Joe Johnson, Jackie Payne,Debbie Robertson, Lisa Shoaf, Becki Teerlink

10 Years

Alice Brown

Ann Koontz

Charles Angersbach

Demetra Turner

Lynda Alanko

Nick Hall

Pam Dixon

Pat Turner
Not Pictured:

Julie Fox, Margaret Henderson-Elliot, Eileen Hinks, Heather Macalister, Paul Menzer, Janet Rosen, Paul Yee

15 Years

Angus McQueen

Carey Usher

Tamra Willis
 Not pictured: Cleve Vest

20 Years

Debbie Snyder

Sharon Barnes

25 Years

Terri Walker
Not pictured: Lallon Pond

30 Years

Donna Duff

Terry Rowe
Not pictured: Mary Hill Cole

40 Years

Terry Southerington
Not pictured:

Janet Ewing