Hurricane Preparedness FAQs

As MBU officials prepare for Hurricane Florence and its potential impact on campus, we are here to field frequently asked questions related to campus services.


Communications During Electrical Power Outage

Electricity seems to be out on the Staunton campus. What communications methods can I expect to work?

Wi-Fi will not work. All computers plugged into the wired network will not work. Printers and classroom technology will not work. Cable TV will not work.

Office telephones as well as fire alarm panels should work. The BAM sirens should work.

Since Wenger Hall has some emergency power, Wi-Fi may work in spots in that building.

The Office of Safety and Security will be able to charge and communicate via walkie talkies despite any power outages.

Electricity seems to be out in the Fishersville area. What will work in the Murphy Deming building?

The Murphy Deming building has a generator that powers some but not all building functions. Wi-Fi, card reader door access, fire alarms, and network access should remain working during a power outage. Printers, office computers, classroom technology, and laptop docks are not on generator power and will not work.

What can I expect my mobile phone to be able to do?

Mobile telephone communications (voice and data) are likely to be reduced in range and speed. They should not be expected to work in all the locations they normally do (especially in basements, elevators, and corridors). They are most likely to work outdoors and in elevated areas.

If you normally use Wi-Fi for data on your phone, you may need to turn Wi-Fi off and turn mobile data on in your phone’s settings during the power outage.

It’s a good idea to keep charging your phone battery, leading up to the storm, so it will be as full as possible in the case of a power outage. If the power goes out, preserve your phone’s charge by using it sparingly.

What systems can I expect to be able to access?

If you have internet at home, or a cellular data plan, you will be able to access BlackBoard, BlackBoard Collaborate, Tableau, JRM, MyMBU, Panopto, Qualtrics,, MBU Online, Payroll, Google Apps including Gmail, Handshake, Maxient, FrontRush, LibGuides, Jenzabar EX, PowerFaids, CashNet, NetPartner, Symphony, U drives, Departmental Shares. Some systems require VPN access.

Will the help desk ticketing system be available?



Dining Services

What happens if we lose power? Will I still be able to eat in the dining hall?

Back-up power will be provided at Hunt Hall, and meal service will continue with normal hours of service at Hunt, but not in the University Café.

Is there a chance we will run out of food?

We have adequate supplies of food and water for resident students, and a reliable supply chain for restocking should power outages continue for several days.


Residence Life

What should I do if we lose power on campus?

Return to your residence hall and shelter in place. Resident advisors are trained in emergency procedures and have been issued emergency equipment including flashlights and extra batteries. Interior hallways and stairwells in residence halls are also equipped with short-term emergency lighting. *Please note that candles are a fire hazard and are prohibited from use in the residence halls.



Will games scheduled for this week be postponed?

The MBU Athletics Department is also monitoring weather conditions here in Staunton and throughout the conference and will make the safest decision for our student-athletes and coaches. If the university closes, all athletic competitions will be canceled.

How will the athletic field under construction near the PAC hold up if flooding occurs?

Although there is not yet grass on the field, the construction team has already installed a drainage system, which will divert water away from the site. The lower field should also be able to handle moderate flooding conditions.