Honoring Student Leaders

April 23, 2019

At the annual Student Government Association Installation and Leadership Awards Ceremony on April 9, MBU recognized outgoing student leaders for their dedication and engagement, and welcomed the new slate of elected officers for the upcoming academic year. Shout-outs also went to MBU staff members for excellence in advising.

“It was great to see how many nominations we got for 2018-19 leadership awards, more than we've had for a few years. I think it speaks to the amazing quality of our student leaders, and how they make a difference to the MBU family.”
Amber Ocasio '14, director of student activities

MBU Student Leadership Award Winners 2019

Student Awards

Boldly Baldwin Award

For demonstrating exceptional school spirit and a desire to mentor and help fellow students: Ariel Robinson

Brenda Bryant Leadership Award

For demonstrating excellence in campus leadership: Faith Ann Parker

Global Citizenship Award

For demonstrating respect for all people and valuing diverse perspectives of others: Chloe Sage Wyatt

Honor and Integrity Award

For demonstrating a commitment to upholding the principles of Mary Baldwin’s Honor and Conduct Codes: Blanca Beltran

President’s Award

For demonstrating excellence in campus leadership and service and being instrumental in advancing the university’s strategic plan: Ascharya Balaji

Unsung Hero Award

For demonstrating excellence in service to the university, with or without receiving public acknowledgement for their work: Afor Foncham

Organization Awards

Organization of the Year Award

For being most effective in engaging students and encouraging participation in campus life: Baldwin Program Board

Chair: Kerryn Freeman
Vice Chair: Faith Parker
Secretary: Rhealiza Ambanta
Treasurer: Alexis Lazo
Arts & Entertainment Coordinator: Ashley Isaac
Campus Outreach & Publicity Coordinator: Madison Bergstrom
Special Events Coordinator: Boajorm Quaynor

Organization Service Award

For engaging in service and promoting global awareness and civic engagement: Anointed Voices of Praise

President: Taiteanna Sykes
Vice President: Kevia Dudley
Secretary: Mallory Townsend
Treasurer: Teasha Pack
Advisor: Andrea Cornett-Scott

Faculty/Staff Awards

Staff of the Year

For serving Mary Baldwin University and demonstrating outstanding service to the MBU community and leadership to students: Laura Cammaroto, director of student support and the first year experience

Advisor of the Year

For a faculty or staff member who serves as an advisor to a student group or organization and has demonstrated outstanding service and leadership to those students: Cierra Davis, program director for the Office of Inclusive Excellence

Student leaders with Vice President of Student Engagement Ernest Jeffries

MBU Student Leaders 2019–20

SGA Executive Committee

SGA President: Tamia Baker-Johnson
SGA Vice-President: Katherine Bernal Vigil
Baldwin Program Board Chair: Rhealiza Ambanta
Honor Council Chair: Blanca Beltran
Inter-Club Council Chair: Bernesha Dothard
Residence Hall Association Chair: Jennifer Azurdia Diaz

Class Leadership

Class of 2020
President: Bernesha Dothard
Senator: Katelyn Pollock

Class of 2021
President: Kylie Stottlemyer
Vice President: Shay’De Tyler
Senators: Brielle Brown, Eleanor Hilgart

Class of 2022
President: Zy’Aia Gallo
Vice President: Endia Harvey
Secretary: Parmie Dean
Senators: Aszure Verling, Kristi Walsh

Program Leadership

Baldwin Program Board
Secretary: Zaria Clemons
Treasurer: Hannah Gessler

Residence Hall Association
Vice Chair: Joyel Allen
Treasurer: Gizella Wade

Honor Council Representatives: Catherine Bailey, Katherine Bernal Vigil, Brielle Brown, Diana Garcia, Eleanor Hilgart

Student Conduct Board Representatives: Emily Dillon, Kristi Walsh

Student Advocates: India Rose McCoy

Executive Office of Student Engagement: Diana Garcia

Executive Officer of Diversity and Inclusion: Angie Contreras