Thank You for Giving to MBU

September 26, 2019

Mary Baldwin’s generous donors enable so many opportunities across the university. On September 26, the MBU community is celebrating a Day of Thanks to acknowledge dedicated supporters and everything they set in motion on campus and beyond.

“We are incredibly grateful for our donors and their tremendous belief in Mary Baldwin,” said Charles “Chuck” Davis, vice president of university advancement. “Their support is foundational to our mission, and we want to thank them and show how their gifts have made a positive impact on the university.”

Gifts to the Baldwin Fund over the past year have gone towards many programs and initiatives that support the student-centered education at MBU. One example is this summer’s CURE course in which undergraduate biology students developed a cancer research project from start to finish: deciding on a topic, creating frameworks for the research problem, and working toward solutions. Assistant Professor of Biology Melissa Scheiber served as a guide and mentor for the team.  

Because of this funded experience, student researchers saw first-hand the power of collaborative thinking about a problem, both in the lab and in the wider world. 

“I found that collaborating with individuals with different perspectives was very motivating and inspiring,” said Parker Moore ’22, a CURE course participant who aspires to earn his MD/PhD in virology and microbe-host interactions. 

The donor-supported CURE course provided students first-hand experience developing and conducting cancer research.

Valuable skills like teamwork and problem-solving are just the beginning of the benefits Baldwin Fund donors can bring to students. These experiences also open doors to further opportunities including presenting at research conferences and receiving internships, especially since, at MBU, they are available to students early in their college careers.  

When donors support MBU, gifts can have unlimited influence. In just this one instance, creating a unique research experience results in skills with immediate value for undergraduates, as well as paving the way toward future opportunities.

Generous gifts to the Baldwin Fund have made possible other opportunities over the past year, including:

  • Women-centered leadership programming through the College for Women
  • Continuing cutting-edge research at Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences, including supporting occupational therapy students as they create adaptive equipment made from cardboard to assist patients with mobility challenges
  • Excellence in Teaching Awards and Stipends to celebrate and support MBU’s gifted professors
  • Enhancing infrastructure through upgrades to living and learning spaces and digital innovations
  • Faculty and student dinners that both make connections outside the classroom and build confidence inside it
  • Increased participation in the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership Wilderness Retreat where incoming cadets find strength within themselves and in others 
  • Free access to the Office 365 technology suite for students, getting them the programs they need on multiple devices for coursework and career readiness  
  • And many more

MBU’s Day of Thanks is all about highlighting the many ways donors make a difference every day. To everyone who has given to the university, thank you.