Nursing Practice Cost and Aid

Let’s look at the cost of a DNP at MBU, and some of the ways we work with you to make your education affordable for you and your family.


Academic Year 2023–24

Family Nurse Practioner$795 per credit hour
Post MSN Program$650 per credit hour

Indirect Costs

Students should also anticipate additional indirect costs such as books, supplies, travel, recreation, and personal items. These expenses are not billed by MBU but are considered when determining financial aid awards. 

Estimates for these expenses are included below but vary from student to student:

Books and Supplies:$450
Transportation: $565
Personal Expenses:$865
Loan Fees (if federal loans are borrowed):$110
Off-Campus Living Expense$8,000 (fall and spring)
$5,480 (summer, if enrolled)
Total Estimated Indirect Costs:$9,990 (fall or spring)
$7,830 (summer)