Occupational Therapy Cost and Aid

Let’s look at the cost of an OTD at MBU, and some of the ways we work with you to make your education affordable for you and your family.


Please note:

Tuition and fees are set annually and may be subject to change. Costs based on full-time status (9 or more credits per semester).

To be eligible for federal financial aid, students must be enrolled in 4.5 credit hours per semester.

Outside expenses may include:

Living Expenses Estimate (travel, rent, etc.): $2000-$4000 per semester
Living expenses vary significantly during different phases of the program and according to student preference. During the clinical year, expect an increase in out-of-pocket expenses for travel to and from clinical sites, and, if necessary, local housing.

During the application process, a $45 supplementary application fee is submitted through CAS. For accepted students, a nonrefundable $500 deposit fee will be levied and applied to tuition upon matriculation.

All students are required to obtain a background check and drug screen prior to matriculation. Certain clinical sites may require an updated background check and drug screen for the clinical year. MDCHS reserves the right to revoke an offer of admission or dismiss a student based on information received during this process. These steps would be at the student’s expense.

The Program Fee covers required educational and technology resources for students. This fee reduces the number of resources you are responsible for purchasing out-of-pocket and financial aid can be applied. For example, the fee covers subscriptions to instructional software programs, preparatory instruction for clinical education/fieldwork, and student-specific lab supplies.

All students are required to carry health insurance for the duration of their program. Students are not required to enroll in the MDCHS student health insurance plan, as long as they provide proof of active/comparable insurance through a hard waiver process. This is separate from any professional liability insurance: MDCHS provides a professional liability policy for all student activities. Students are not required to carry separate liability insurance.

To view different types of aid you may be eligible for as an OT student, please see the Types of Aid tab.