Work Study 

Studying on campus

Students may be able to finance part of their education through part-time employment at Mary Baldwin University. MBU’s work study programs currently offers student positions on campus. The first step toward determining your eligibility for work study is to submit the FAFSA.

Federal work study is funded by the government. You still get a paycheck just like any other job, and work study-eligible students are highly desirable by employers. Plus the positions can be more flexible than other jobs near campus.  

Students must be enrolled at least part-time to be eligible for the Student Employment Program. They can apply to as many open positions as they wish, but can only accept one position.

Applications are reviewed by the position’s supervisor, who will contact applicants directly to set up interviews, fill the position, or create work schedules. Relevant paperwork including tax forms must be submitted to the student employment coordinator in the Financial Aid Office. Work study eligibility does not guarantee employment through the Student Employment Program.

You can find a list of currently open job positions and their descriptions here. You may also review additional information on the McCree Center for Life Success Page here.

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