International Exchange Partnerships

MBU’s partner exchange schools and programs

Mary Baldwin University has formed partnerships with prominent international colleges and universities to foster exchange opportunities and intercultural learning. Exchange programs allow a two-way exchange of students: MBU students have the opportunity to study abroad at one of these campuses, and we also welcome students from these institutions to study at MBU each year.


Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts – Kyoto

Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts has been an exchange partner to MBU for more than 30 years. The college is located across the street from the legendary Emperor’s Palace in one of Japan’s most beautiful and historic cities. MBU students attending Doshisha immerse themselves in the Japanese language and culture. It’s preferred that students have at least one year of Japanese language prior to applying for the program.

Kansai Gaidai – Osaka

Kansai Gaidai is a private university that offers an Asian studies program specifically for international students. Although prior Japanese language study is not required, students with some background in Japanese are preferred. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required. Kansai Gaidai is located in Hirakata, Osaka Prefecture – midway between Osaka and Kyoto, in the commercial and cultural heart of Japan.

Soka University – Hachioji

Spend a semester or a year at Soka University studying Japanese and Japanese culture in a unique teaching/learning model designed to quickly and effectively enhance student competency in the Japanese language. Soka is located in a suburb of Tokyo, providing ready access to one of the world’s most exciting cities.

South Korea

Sungshin Women’s University – Seoul

Sungshin University was founded in 1936 and enrolls about 13,000 students. MBU students can study Korean language and culture and a range of other courses offered in English. Apartment-style housing is provided on campus in the international residence hall.


Lady Doak College – Madurai

MBU students are invited to study at Lady Doak College in the fall semester. Offering undergraduate courses in 21 disciplines, Lady Doak is committed to the empowerment and academic development of women. This exchange is especially appropriate for VWIL students, as Lady Doak also has a women’s corps of cadets.


National Chengchi University – Taipei City

NCCU, located in Taiwan’s capital with a lovely view of the Zhinan Mountain and the Jingmei River, is recognized as one of the best schools for humanities, social sciences, and business in Taiwan. Its environment is welcoming for native English speakers and a range of courses are offered in English.

Northern Ireland

StudyUSA students come to MBU from the following colleges and universities in Northern Ireland: 

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