College Welcomes Class of 2017

September 5, 2013

Representing 24 states and five foreign countries, 265 women officially joined the Mary Baldwin University student body during 2013 Orientation Week, labeled Defining Courage. According to the Registrar’s Office, this year’s freshman class includes a larger percentage of students with unique names, a departure from the trend of recent years (2012 saw the year of Jasmine). Seventy-three percent of all incoming freshmen do not share a name with any of their classmates. There are, however, six Sarah’s, six Kayla’s, and six Jessica’s. Another slight departure from a recent trend, this year’s first-year students largely use an email address comprised of their actual name instead of an outside interest. Among the student addresses that reflect individual interests, cats, foxes, and bears top the list. Photographer Woods Pierce captured images from the Class Rally on Page Terrace, where students wore T-shirts representing their first-year Gateway. New portals this year include the Arts and Commuter gateways.

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