A New Face at VWIL

The new director of operations at Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership is no stranger to Staunton or Mary Baldwin University.Jenkins_Paul

“I’m a Staunton native. And I’m very aware of Mary Baldwin — I had family members go here. I grew up going to First Presbyterian,” said Paul Jenkins, whose interest was piqued when the college advertised for a chief of operations for the corps of cadets.

With experience as an attorney — in the U.S. Navy’s Judge Advocate General Corps, where he still serves as a reserve officer — and as a private-practice lawyer in Charlottesville, Jenkins brings nearly a decade of experience to the college.

“I’m having fun so far,” Jenkins said of his new post, which began September 8.

As director of operations, Jenkins will provide oversight of the co-curricular components of VWIL, ensuring that all cadets have the opportunity to develop leadership skills and understanding in preparation for both military and civilian careers. He will ensure effective operation of the regimental and class systems, work to maintain high esprit and morale among cadets, guide and train student leaders, work with key external constituencies to garner and organize support for the program, and assist in recruiting and retaining capable students.

In addition, Jenkins will oversee the scheduled co-curricular and military components of the VWIL program, including physical training. He will counsel students and coordinate with all college offices that support the cadet-training program.