Cutthroat Kitchen: Mary Baldwin Style

September 18, 2014

Mary Baldwin Dining services is hosting it’s very own version of the popular Food Network program “Cutthroat Kitchen” at noon September 24, featuring three student competitors, mystery dishes, cooking and grocery stations inside Hunt Dining Hall-East. Dining Services Director Tracy Hiner will judge the competition, alongside a student judge and a faculty/staff judge.

micheal clay serving spaghetti
Chef Michael Clay serves up a delicious plate of spaghetti in Hunt Dining Hall, site of Mary Baldwin’s version of Food Network’s popular show “Cutthroat Kitchen.” Photo courtesy of The News Leader.

Just like on the television show, competitors must prepare a dish on the fly with a twist. Each contestant starts out with money (and in the dining hall’s version, play money) which can be used to pay for the privilege of handicapping their competitors. For example, one student may choose to spend a quarter of her money to force one of her classmates to cook while wearing oven mitts the entire time. According to Executive Chef Michael Clay, there will be two rounds. Students interested in competing have been submitting their names to be drawn within the next few days.