Honors Convocation Celebrates Student Scholarship

April 8, 2015

Students, faculty, staff, and friends of Mary Baldwin University gathered inside Francis Auditorium on March 26 for Honors Convocation, a ceremony to recognize student academic achievement.

Awards presented included:

Student Class Marshals

Jennifer Jin ’15
Sophia Stone ’15
Alexandra Ellmauer, alternate

Emma Reger ’16
Elizabeth Suchanic ’16
Raven Showalter, alternate

Sharanya Rao ’17
Brooke Wiles ’17
Sammantha Grzb, alternate

Martha Garcia-Cervantes ’18
Carlyssa Lebeauf ’18
Madison Payne, alternate
Layla Teears, alternate

Phi Beta Kappa
Membership in the Phi Beta Kappa Society, the nation’s oldest and most presti­gious academic honor society, is an emblem of high achievement and exceptional potential conferred upon barely one percent of college seniors nationwide. The Society, founded in 1776, maintains high standards for individual members as well as for the colleges from which members are elected. Mary Baldwin University is one of only 280 institutions to shelter a chapter, Lambda of Virginia. To be elected to Phi Beta Kappa, a student must have demonstrated through her or his undergraduate record a commitment to the pursuit of excellence in the liberal arts and sciences that is both broad and deep. In addition to a high GPA, minimum eligibility requirements include foreign language, mathematics, and laboratory science. Standards for election as a junior are higher than for seniors. The ideal Phi Beta Kappan is a model of intellectual curiosity, academic integrity, tolerance for other views, and a broad range of academic interests.

Jaelynn Bennett
Chanelle Chua
Coral Collins
Amanda Fadden
Kathleen Hurlock
Shekira Ramdass
Anahi Trujillo-Camorlinga

Celine Brooks
Alana Rister
Dejhanira Torrico
Alora Wogsland

Global Honors Scholars 2014–15

Class of 2015
Ceara Armstrong
Jaelynn Bennett
Brinley Broomfield
Chitendwe Chioza
Coral Collins
Amanda Fadden
Charlene Frederick
Sutton Hastman
Katie Hurlock
Leilani Jackson
Virginia Pope
Shekira Ramdass
Lynnae Sauer
Toby Ziemba

Class of 2016
Ashleigh Aycock
Celine Brooks
Ciara Dacosta-Reyes
Sarah Daughdrill
Aria Dougherty
Sarah Finnegan
Tassany Forero
Aji Gaye
Jennifer Jin
Yasmeen Latore
Sheridan Lawrence
Stephanie Mason
Aliyah McIntosh
Ciara McLaren
Katherine Narvaez
Taylor Patterson
Sierra Short
Dejhanira Torrico
Rolanda Williams
Phoenix Wilson
Alora Wogsland

Class of 2017
Katie Bonilla
Jaysn Chase
Kelly Clark
Olivia Cronk
Megan Edwards
Christine Fenner
Farrah Fullerton
Tiffany Henson
Lydia Hurt
Aaleyah Joe
Angela Johnson
Giselle Olivera
Sharanya Rao
Katelyn Rice
Raven Showalter
Autumn Smith
Madeline Stout
Jessica Sullivan
Brooke Wiles
Yidan Wu

Class of 2018
Rebecca Custer
Kate Dickinson
Sarah Hager
Shennen MacDonald
Madison Payne
Taylor Radford

Margarett Hartman Kable Russell Award
Bethany Zaiman

Baldwin Online and Adult Programs Loyalty Fund Scholarships
The Baldwin Online and Adult Programs (Baldwin Online and Adult Programs) Loyalty Fund Scholarships are funded through donations from Baldwin Online and Adult Programs faculty, staff, graduates, friends, family, and present students through donations to the college’s annual fund. To be eligible, applicants must be students in good standing in Baldwin Online and Adult Programs and be seeking their first bachelor’s degree; have completed 12 or more semester hours of Mary Baldwin-graded work, with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5; and be planning to enroll in the following fall semester. Recipients are selected on the basis of their academic record; service to the pro­gram, college, and community; and commitment to learning and growth in Baldwin Online and Adult Programs.

Sarah Beiler
Katherine Bennett
Andrea Dalton
Rayshun Davis
Meaghan Drumm
Thomas Fuller
Mary Margaret Isbell
Michael Mattioni
Brianne Perry
Tina Wagner
Alexis Wilson

Carrie Douglass Award for Excellence in Anthropology
The Carrie Douglass Award for Excellence in Anthropology honors one student, an anthropology/sociology major or anthropology minor, for his or her work in and contribution to the anthropology program at Mary Baldwin University. The award is determined by major GPA, career GPA, and contributions to the anthro­pology program through campus organizations, civic and/or global engagement, and excellence in research. The award is named in honor of former Mary Baldwin University Professor of Anthropology Carrie Douglass.

Bethany Zaiman

Ulysse Desportes Award for Outstanding Achievement in Art History and
Ulysse Desportes Award for Outstanding Achievement in Studio Art
This award acknowledges the outstanding work, accomplishments, and growth of a selected art history major and a studio art major. It also signifies the capacity of the recipients to carry forward a high level of quality within her studio practice and/or art history scholarship beyond Mary Baldwin University.

Art History: Sutton Hastman
Studio Art: Toby Ziemba

The Eric Matthew Brown Award for Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Design

Megan Phinney

Asian Studies
Amy M. Rupe Award for Excellence in Asian Studies

Amanda Walthall
Amanda Fadden
Coral Collins
Raven Showalter

Scholar Athletes
Given to member(s) of Mary Baldwin sports teams who achieves high academic standing.

Jessica Hickman
Farrah Fullerton
Kenia Castro-Cantu
Lizette Naranjo
Wendy Deptula
Katherine Narvaez
Kaylyn Lonergan
Amanda Fadden
Jennfier Jin
Sophia Stone

Mary Jane Donnally Award
Awarded to the student athlete with the highest cumulative GPA after three semesters of work.

Sophia Stone

Team GPA Award
Awarded to the team with the highest cumulative GPA.

Cross Country Team: Sara Caldwell, Alejandra Cotoc-Cax, Wendy Deptula, Sydney Ellis, Amanda Fadden, Jennifer Jin, Jochebed Koomson, Kaylyn Lonergan, Monique McGough, Katherine Narvaez, Campbell Scollo, Sophia Stone, and Bailey Willis

Alice McCaa Class of 1976 Biology Award
The Alice McCaa (pronounced “McCay”) Award honors a 1976 graduate of Mary Baldwin University who majored in biology and whose friends and classmates wanted to honor her memory by establishing an annual award for biology majors. The award is intended to “encourage and recognize excellence in the field of biol­ogy.” It is given to an undergraduate biology major based on academic standing and excellent performance in laboratory and research settings. The recipient is chosen by the biology faculty and includes a cash award.

Chanelle Chua

Outstanding Student – Biology
The Outstanding Biology Student Awards are unique because winners are selected by their student colleagues, who define outstanding achievement from the valuable peer perspective.

Kristia Vasiloff

Business — Baldwin Online and Adult Programs Outstanding Senior
This award is based on grade point average and faculty recommendation.

Sarah Krasley

Gordon L. Hammock Student Mentor
Professor Gordon Hammock was a deeply loved and well-respected member of the business faculty who passed away a number of years ago. One of his greatest gifts was his ability to mentor students. To honor him, the college created an en­dowed fund that carries a cash award for the recipient. The student who receives this award “exemplifies Gordon’s focus on teaching and mentoring students to be ethical leaders in business.”

Elizabeth Suchanic

Business — Outstanding RCW Student
The Outstanding Business Student award is given to the student that best exemplifies the effec­tive practices in today’s world with special focus on “business for a sustainable future.” Mary Baldwin business students look at the triple bottom line — achieving benefits that are economic, social, and environmental. With a strong foundation that includes marketing, management, finance, and economics, students will learn first-hand how successful business practices are enhanced with responsible, ethical, and sustainable decisions. The award winners exhibit these practices in and out of the classroom.

Madeline Soriano

Chemistry — Outstanding Student
The Chemistry Award is given annually to a chemistry major who has excelled academically in the field, shown promise in the research lab, and been involved in service to the department through the American Chemical Society student group.

Sutton Hastman

Peggy Pinkston Biochemistry Research Award
The Biochemistry Research Award is given in memory of Peggy Pinkston, a be­loved Mary Baldwin faculty member from 1976 to 1989. This quote from former student Joi Phelps Walker ‘82, excerpted from The Mary Baldwin University Magazine, describes Pinkston’s spirit and her many contributions to Mary Baldwin: “Dr. Pinkston opened my mind to the range of possibilities that a woman could pursue. Here she was, a PhD in biochemistry and an accomplished violinist as well. She was a powerful role model to young women just breaking into science in the late 1970s.”

Sophia Stone and Kaela Kelly

Physics Outstanding Student

Mwazomela Mbewe

Benn Award for Creative Writing
The Benn Award for Creative Writing was established in 1969 by the late Mrs. Clyde Myers Lambert of Waynesboro in memory of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Benn. The award is presented by the English faculty in recognition of a return­ing Mary Baldwin student who has distinguished herself in the literary arts.

Emma Reger

Healthcare Administration
Healthcare Administration Award
This award has been given out by the Healthcare Administration (HCA) program for more than 20 years. It is given to the top student in the HCA program — the person who exhibits the qualities of an effective, efficient, and humane professional in the making. Among the elements considered are GPA, classroom engagement, participation in HCA program activities, leadership, the quality of the required internship, a cooperative spirit matched with action, and a sense of humor.

Harlie Dillard

Donald D. Thompson Memorial Scholarship

The Donald D. Thompson Memorial Scholarship was established in 1985 by former students and friends of Professor Thompson to honor his service to the col­lege, his excellence as an instructor, and his professional achievement in the field of psychology. The scholarship is awarded annually to an outstanding student in psychology for her senior year of study.

Sheridan Lawrence

First Year Calculus Award

This award is given to a freshman with the highest grade in the Introduction to Calculus and Analytic Geometry I and II courses. The award is funded by the mathematics department to celebrate and encourage women into mathematics.

Brooke Wiles

Ashley DuLac Award
This award is funded by the DuLac family in honor of their daughter Ashley DuLac, class of 1989. Each year this award is given to an outstanding graduating senior in the mathematics department.

Mwazomela Mbewe

Sigma Beta Delta Fellowship

 Astrid Salarda

Social Work
Jane Addams Social Work Award
Given to an outstanding student in the social work department. The award is named in honor of Jane Addams, the first American woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, founder of the Settlement House Movement, a mover and shaker in the areas of labor reform, and a charter member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Ashley Shoell

Outstanding Field Practicum Award

Kiera Kimp

Sociology — Academic excellence
Given to a senior who has achieved academic distinction and has excelled in all her classes.

Breannah Carr

Sociology — Public Service Award
Given in recognition of exceptional service to Mary Baldwin and the greater community.

Ann Toliver

Study Abroad Scholarships
Twelve scholarships totaling more than $10,000 were awarded this year through a rigorous application and selection process, which took into account financial need, academic excellence, academic and career goals, diversity, class year and prior experience abroad.

The C. Perry Nair Jr. Endowed Fund scholarship: Lorien Lutz and Sabrina Phansa

The Thelma T. McDowell Endowed Fund scholarship: Celine Brooks

The Marion Barge Clark ’67 scholarship: Kimberly Martin

The Melissa Mitchell Award for May Term Abroad: Bibianna Santana

The Spencer Center for Civic and Global Engagement Endowed Fund scholarships: Katie Bonilla, Ciara McLaren, Brooke Wiles, Beverly Kelly, and Kelly Clark

2014–15 VFIC Ethics Bowl Participants

Brinley Broomfield and Reetu Sinha