Faculty Achievements – 2015

October 1, 2015

The recent accomplishments of Mary Baldwin Colllege Faculty:

Sandra Bagbey, director of Baldwin Online and Adult Programs Regional Center in South Boston
Sharon Barnes, director of Baldwin Online and Adult Programs Regional Center in Roanoke
Kari Frenz, academic advisor, Mary Baldwin in Roanoke

Participated in the Mid-Atlantic ACHE Meeting in South Boston Virginia in mid-April.  Bagbey, Barnes, and Frenz served as members of the Mid-Atlantic Planning Committee for spring 2015. Frenz serves as the treasurer of the Mid-Atlantic region.

Keith Bishop, associate professor of physical therapy

Appointed to a three-year term on the Advisory Committee for Young Anatomists (American Association of Anatomists).

Lisa Burns, assistant professor of occupational therapy

A chapter, “Credentialing,” co-authored with Karen Brady EdD, OTR/L, in Management and Administration for the Occupational Therapy Assistant (edited by Karen Jacobs), published and released this summer by Slack, Inc.

Paul Callo, associate professor of biology

A paper, “Diversity waiting in the wings: A long-term study of avian malaria in a Neotropical passerine,” and a poster, “Analysis of parasite transmission between summer and wintering grounds in a common migratory songbird,” co-authored with biology major Kim Jackuchan ’15, July 28, Joint Meeting of the American Ornithologists’ Union and the Cooper Ornithological Society at the University of Oklahoma.

Beth Easterling, assistant professor of criminal justice and sociology

Accepted for publication in The Qualitative Report, with co-author Elizabeth Johnson (University of Tennessee), a presentation, “Methodological Challenges of Qualitative Research with Vulnerable Families,” from the 2014 National Council on Family Relations Theory Construction/Research Methodology Workshop.

Accepted for publication in The Prison Journal, with co-author Ben Feldmeyer’s (University of Cincinnati), a paper, “Race, Incarceration, and Motherhood: Spoiled Identity among Rural White Mothers.”

Kristen Egan, assistant professor of English

Presented a paper, “‘The Assurance of Health’: Bathtubs and the Progressive Era,” June, the Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (ASLE) Conference, Moscow, ID.

Allison Ellington, director of clinical education, occupational therapy

Presented an interactive exhibit featuring the “Virtual Occupational Therapy Application” — a new software system for the virtual practice of daily activities — April 2015, the American Occupational Therapy Association conference, Nashville.

A paper, “Behavioral Intention to Use a Virtual System for the Practice of Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Among Individuals with Stroke,” which addresses acceptance of virtual system technology among older stroke patients, the American Journal of Occupational Therapy, May 2015.

Louise Freeman, professor of psychology

A paper, “Harry Potter and the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual: Muggle disorders in the wizarding world,” in the inaugural issue of Study and Scrutiny: Research in Young Adult Literature, a new peer-reviewed journal on young adult literature.

An article, “The Wonder of empathy: Using Palacio’s novel to teach perspective-taking,” with co-author, Martha Guarisco — a 6th grade teacher from Baton Rouge, Louisiana —fall issue of ALAN Review, the journal of the Adolescent Literature Association of the National Council of Teachers of English.

Presented a talk, “Engagement with Young Adult Fiction Influences Empathy” at the conference, “Why the Humanities? Insights from Cognitive and Neural Sciences,” Kent State University.

Nadine Gergel-Hackett, assistant professor of physics

Issued a full non-provisional patent by the US Patent and Trademark office for her “Nonvolatile Memory Device and Processing Method” on June 2. The patent application was filed in 2008, and she is co-owner of the patent with scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Drew Gogian, RN to BSN program director

Inducted into the International Nurses Association and recognized as a “Top Nurse in Virginia.”

Her biography included in the 2015–16 edition of Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare.

Nathan “Ben” Herz, occupational therapy program director

Presented to students in the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership (VWIL) on allied health at the VWIL Citizen Leadership Seminar, April 28, 2015.

Spoke at and facilitated the Fishersville Parkinson’s Disease Support Group, “Research Update and Q/A for individuals with Parkinson’s and their caregivers,” May 2, 2015.

A presentation, “OT and the Wii for Parkinson’s Disease,” the Hermitage Parkinson’s Disease Support Group, Cedarfield, Richmond, May 8, 2015.

Served as a peer evaluator, promotion and tenure candidate (professor), Creighton University, Occupational Therapy Faculty, Omaha, NE, September.

American Occupational Therapy Association Peer Reviewer (presentations), 97th annual National Occupational Therapy Conference, Chicago, IL, August.

A presentation, “OT and the Wii for Parkinson’s Disease,” Westminster Canterbury Parkinson’s Disease Support Group, Charlottesville.

A presentation, “LSVT Loud and LSVT Big,” with Ashley Reibel, SLP, Fishersville Parkinson’s Disease Support Group, Fishersville.

Received a clinical adjunct appointment to the Georgia Regents University, Department of Neurology, Augusta, GA, July.

Served as an external reviewer, promotion and tenure (associate professor), department chair of occupational therapy, University of Missouri Health System, Columbia, MO, April.

Sara James, professor of art history

A talk, “Joseph’s Amazing Undercover Role in Ugolino di Prete Ilario’s Life of the Virgin at Orvieto,” given by invitation at a Symposium in Honor of David Summers’ Retirement, University of Virginia, April 17, 2015.

Invited to serve on the Board of Visitors at St. Mary’s School, Raleigh, NC.

Sarah Kennedy, professor of English

Served as an outside accreditation reviewer for the English Department at Principia College.

A paper at the “Representing the Tudors” conference in Swansea, Wales, July.

Served on a panel at the Virginia Writers Conference discussing poetry and performance, Charlottesville, August 1.

Her third novel, The King’s Sisters, is scheduled for publication on September 29, and her fourth novel, Self-Portrait, with Ghost, has been contracted for publication in spring 2016.

Judy Klein, Professor of Economics

Invited presentations on the theme of “The Mathematical Invasion of Policy Space” at the Montréal Summer School for Graduate Students in the History of Science and Economics, the Université du Québec à Montréal, July 14–19, 2015.

A presentation, “Implementation Rationality: The Nexus of Psychology and Economics at the RAND Logistics Systems Laboratory, 1956-1966,” in April at Duke University has been accepted for publication in a special issue of the History of Political Economy on economics and psychology.

Paul Menzer, director of the MLitt/MFA Program in Shakespeare and Performance

A book, Anecdotal Shakespeare: A New Performance History, published by The Arden Shakespeare, a subsidiary of Bloomsbury Publishing. The book is now available and was made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to support a long-term fellowship at the Folger Shakespeare Library during the 2013–14 academic year.

Brenci Patino, assistant professor of Spanish

Attended the conference, “Spaniards, Indians, African and Gypsies: The Global Teach of the Fandango in Music, song and Dance,” the City University of New York Center for Music Research and documentation, April 17–18.

Participated in the 2015 Jessie Ball DuPont three-week seminar on sound studies at the National Humanities Center on the campus of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, June. The seminar brought together scholars from fellow institutions who engaged in an exchange of ideas, contributing to this emergent field.

David Paulk, director of physician assistant program

A chapter on child abuse published in the 7th edition of The Resident’s Guide to Ambulatory Care.

Colleen Pendry, adjunct professor of art

Recent works from the series “fragility” were included in three group exhibitions this year: The Coburn Gallery at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio; Main Street Arts Gallery in Clifton Springs, NY, and Goggleworks Center for the Arts in Reading, PA.

A work, “fragility I,” selected by author/poet Susan Elbe as the cover art for her recent book, The Map of What Happened, published by Backwaters Press.

Work from the same series, “fragility ii and iii,” included in Volume 29 of Studio Visit Magazine, published in July.

Edmund “Rick” Potter, assistant professor of history

A review of Emily Mayhew’s Wounded: A New History of the Western Front in World War I published on H-War, H-Net Reviews, September 2015.

Peter Ruiz-Haas, associate professor of chemistry

A poster, “Photolysis and UV and H2O2 advanced oxidation processes of bisphenol-s in water,” with co-presenters students Mwazomela Mbewe and Jennifer Jin, the Spring National Conference of the American Chemical Society, Denver, CO.

Paul Ryan, professor of art

A review of two exhibitions, “The Forever Now: Contemporary Painting in an Atemporal World” and “Bjork,” at The Museum of Modern Art, New York City, in the May/June 2015 issue of Art Papers Magazine.

A solo exhibition, “the sun that never sets: New Paintings by Paul Ryan” at Staniar Gallery, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, running September 7 to October 4.

Linda Seestedt-Stanford, founding vice president of The Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences

A paper, “How Can Facility Design at Colleges and Universities Inform 21st Century Learning Environments in Your K–12 District?” on April 20 at the Council of Educational Planners International conference in Asheville, NC.

Janna Segal, assistant professor of theatre

A talk, “‘The Purpose of Playing’ the Dramaturg in Hamlet” for the Shakespeare Performance Intensive at Mary Baldwin University, June 7, 2015.

Dramaturged Jesse Waldinger’s new play, Mum Bett’s Minute, for the Association of Theatre in Higher Education’s New Play Development Workshop in Montreal.

Dramaturged Loyola Marymount University professor Katharine B. Free’s new translation and adaptation of Menander’s The Girl from Samos.

Lisa Shoaf, physical therapy program director

Designed and taught, along with 2nd year PT and OT students from Murphy Deming, a Wellness Module for the Heifetz students this summer at Mary Baldwin. The module included information and experiential learning around injury prevention and management, fitness and exercise for wellness, posture assessment, and meditation and yoga designed to enhance the health of the musician.

Carey Usher, associate professor of sociology

Delivered an invited lecture/training session on social capital at the Virginia Police Chiefs Foundation’s “Institute for Leadership in Changing Times” in June.

Tamra Willis, associate professor of education

Received the 2015 Distinguished Service in Education Award from the Shenandoah Valley Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, an international professional association for educators, April 30.