Professor and Student Present at Conference in Ghana

March 11, 2016

Kai Kennedy, director of clinical education for the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences (MDCHS) physical therapy program and Spencer Center faculty fellow, attended the third Biennial Scientific Conference of the Ghana Physiotherapy Association. There, she presented models for local and international community engagement to combat health disparities in West Africa. The conference theme was The Role of Physiotherapy in Women’s Health in Ghana. MDCHS charter class member Joanna Bierlein also attended the conference and presented a poster on postpartum urinary incontinence and a workshop on perinatal fitness.

Joanna Bierlein and Kai Kennedy presented an interactive workshop titled “Perinatal Fitness: Preparatory Exercise for Pregnancy, Labour, and Postpartum.” Here Joanna demonstrates exercises for the pregnant woman on the president of the Ghana Physiotherapy Association, Samuel Otoo.


Kai Kennedy presented “Innovations in Physical Therapy Education: Fostering Professional Skills and Sustainable Outcomes in Community-Based Program Development.” The presentation highlighted MDCHS’s model of interprofessional community engagement via Community Practicum.


Kai Kennedy presented “Limitless: International Interprofessional Partnership in Global Health,” during which she highlighted MDCHS’s model for global engagement in partnership with the nursing program at Wesleyan University of Haiti. During the program she challenged Ghanaian physiotherapists to serve as leaders in the development of the physiotherapy profession in West Africa by incorporating international engagement with neighboring countries. The platform presentation was moderated by Jonathan Quartey, president of the African region of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy.
At the GPA awards banquet, (left to right) Anna Hughton, PT MSc, keynote speaker; Kai Kennedy, PT DPT, MDCHS faculty; Joanna Bierlein, MDCHS Charter Class SPT; Vanessa Kennedy CMT and Kennedy’s mother; Kyle Feldman PT DPT and Shenandoah University graduate; Front: Samuel Otoo, PT MSc, president of the Ghana Physiotherapy Association.