New College of Business and Professional Studies to Launch in 16-17

March 28, 2016

Mary Baldwin will launch a new college of business and professional studies in July — further solidifying its place among institutions of higher learning as the official transition to Mary Baldwin University draws nearer.

Mary Baldwin University Dining Hall, Thursday April 23, 2015. (Photo by Norm Shafer).

The Board of Trustees voted in February to create the new college, joining the existing College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Education, and the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences. It will be comprised of three strong, existing programs: business, social work, and healthcare administration. A significant portion of the institution’s endowment — approximately $6 million — already supports these three programs and about one-quarter of undergraduates earn their degrees in these majors.

“Creating a college of business and professional studies helps us claim our place as Mary Baldwin University, reflecting the organizational structure that is used in many small and large institutions,” said Crista Cabe, vice president for Communication, Marketing, and Public Affairs. “This also creates opportunities for other new offerings that the university is exploring, such as stackable certificates, a mini-MBA, and an MBA. These programs are still in development, and would need faculty approval, but this is an area of great promise.”

The business program is aligning with exciting trends in approaches to business strategy and business education, including the integration the concept of sustainability and the “triple bottom line” into the curriculum. Now, faculty members are exploring the “for-benefit” approach that integrates the dual purposes of creation of material positive impact on society and/or the environment with generation of profits. The newly endowed Susan Warfield Caples Social Work Program offers student placements here and abroad, with a successful practicum program in Honduras. And the Carpenter Healthcare Administration program — the only endowed undergraduate program of its kind in the United States — is led by experienced faculty and offers solid networking opportunities.