Baldwin Adult and Online Programs: A New Name for a New Era

Transitioning from college to university isn’t the only big change happening at Mary Baldwin this year.

The program known as the Adult Degree Program, or ADP, since its development in 1977, will now be known as Baldwin Online and Adult Programs. The programs now serve men and women 18 and older with online and some in-person classes throughout Virginia. The program was the first of its kind in the commonwealth when it was established.BOAP_Man

The new name better describes the programs as they have evolved over time — a move that will help attract the right students, according to Crista Cabe, senior vice president for External Affairs. Research Cabe conducted while researching the institutional name change revealed that the existing title of the program was too vague.

“These programs are not simply for adults returning to school. Through the years we’ve expanded our student population, developed strong online programming, and expanded our offerings to include certificates and licensure,” Cabe said.

Branding with the name Baldwin also brings the programs under the university umbrella, one of the goals of the institutional name change and rebranding.