Mary Baldwin University to Launch Accelerated Programs and New Coeducational Unit

November 28, 2016

six_components_of_mbu_circlesBeginning in fall 2017 Mary Baldwin University (MBU) will launch three-year degrees for highly motivated students in four career-based programs. Qualified men and women may enter after their junior year of high school or after graduation. Many participants will be eligible for merit scholarships up to $22,000 annually, bringing the net cost well below that of a typical four-year public college degree for an in-state student.

The new residential programs offer career tracks in the health sciences, business, education, and Shakespeare and performing arts (Murphy Deming Scholars in Health Professions, Women Entrepreneurs, Education Leaders, and Shakespeare and Performing Arts). Three of the four are offered through a newly created coeducational unit, University College. The program for women entrepreneurs is part of the single-sex Mary Baldwin College for Women.

Several of the new programs also offer accelerated graduate degrees and professional credentials. The business program offers a four-year combined certificate in entrepreneurship, a bachelor’s degree and the MBA. The health sciences track provides accelerated admission for qualified students into Mary Baldwin’s Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences, offering the master’s in physician assistant and doctorates in physical and occupational therapy, saving students one to two years. Education students can earn the BA and Master of Arts in Teaching in four years. All the new programs feature distinctive co-curricular components such as mentoring, networking, and internships.

“These are the opportunities that students and families value,” said MBU President Pamela Fox, “shorter time to degree, reduced cost of college, and value-added advantages to launch a student’s career and life.” See President Fox’s full statement.

Visit the Mary Baldwin website for more information about the fast-track programs and more details about the University College.

Editor’s note (12/1/16): President Pamela Fox and Board of Trustees Chair Jane Harding Miller ’76 hosted a Facebook Live conversation on Thursday afternoon to discuss the University College initiative. Mary Baldwin will be posting written answers to the questions addressed on the event next week on social media as well as on the MBU website.