Spencer Center Accepting Nominations for New University-Wide Theme

A new year means a new and all-encompassing theme for Mary Baldwin University. The Spencer Center for Global Engagement is now accepting nominations for both 2017­–18 and 2018–19 university-wide themes. 

The theme that is chosen will best represent the spirit and character of the institution, while also encouraging civic and global engagement across the campus.

According to the Spencer Center, an ideal theme should strengthen the link between local and global perspectives on public life, while simultaneously stimulating inspiration of service and travel. Those submitting nominations should keep in mind that the theme should be broadly applicable to a range of academic disciplines and, most importantly, spark creativity.

The concept of university-wide themes came to life in 2007 with the creation of the Spencer Center. Themes of the past have included: Identity (2016–17), Moment (2015–16), Roots (2014–15), Courage (2013–14) and Place (2012–13).

“When submitting nominations, think about the current political, social, and economic climate in our world, our country and on our campus to identify themes that you believe will provide a focal point for civic and global learning in the coming two years,” said Christina Harrison, director of the Spencer Center.

All nominations must be received by February 15. The Spencer Center staff and faculty fellows will review nominations and select the themes for the next two academic years. The winners will be announced before the end of February.