Alumni Reinvigorate BRAVO Program

March 15, 2017

A program designed to use the power of alumni experience to recruit new students is getting an infusion of support from graduates looking to share their love for Mary Baldwin.

Baldwin Recruitment Alumni Volunteer Organization, or BRAVO, allows alumni to volunteer with the MBU Office of Admissions by identifying prospective students, attending college fairs, visiting high schools, and more.

Right now, 96 alumni are signed up to participate in the program. Of those, 28 have completed the required training and returned their signed participation agreements. Some have already gotten started by attending events, writing note cards, and identifying local high schools. The admissions office encourages all alumni who have signed up to complete the training and participation agreements.

Admissions is working on ways to make the training more available to accommodate different schedules. For more information on the program or to sign up please visit