From the Alumni Board: Information on Chapters

April 27, 2017

The Mary Baldwin Alumni Board is excited to be working on behalf of all alumni and Mary Baldwin University to reinvigorate the regional alumni chapter program in spring 2017. Since the February 4 Alumni Summit, the Alumni Board has engaged constituents to address ideas and concerns from our time together that weekend, with our goal being significant progress towards greater alumni engagement with the university. In this spirit, the alumni chapter subcommittee was formed to work directly with alumni, the Alumni Office and the university to recreate alumni chapters across the country, and abroad, where there are volunteers willing to gather and serve.

Prior to the Alumni Board meeting in March, chapter subcommittee members researched Mary Baldwin’s former chapter system, as well as successful chapter programs at comparable institutions such as Hollins University and Sweetbriar College, so that we might build a strong foundation for our future work. Research has been collected on chapter best practices, ideas for events, and liability protection for volunteers. The group also followed up with volunteers from the summit to update them as to our progress, and advise them on information that would be forthcoming over the next weeks. The chapter program will be administered by the Alumni Board on behalf of the university and we hope it will be a vibrant and evolving presence for years to come.

The chapter subcommittee held an informal session on alumni chapters at All-Alumni Homecoming. For those who could not make the session, please visit the alumni page of the Mary Baldwin website to volunteer and we will be in touch with information in a timely manner.

It is an exciting time for Mary Baldwin alumni, and we look forward to engaging our passion and love for the institution to promote relationships with fellow alumni and the university, long beyond our experience on campus. I hope you will join us in this powerful and meaningful effort.

Melissa Leecy ’96, alumni chapter subcommittee chair
Mallory Showalter Churning ’08
Lucia ‘Yogi’ Almendras Carroll ’02