Mary Baldwin University Appoints Dr. Deborah Greubel as Vice President and Dean of the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences

Dr. Deborah GreubelDr. Deborah Greubel will join Mary Baldwin University (MBU) in late November as the Vice President and Dean of the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences following the retirement of Dr. Linda Seestedt-Stanford, Founding Vice President.

Greubel currently serves as the Director of the School of Nursing at The University of Tulsa (TU).  She brings to MBU a distinctive set of experiences and expertise, having served as a provider in Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, and Palliative Care and Hospice and as a hospital administrator for a six-hospital healthcare system. Greubel has served as a clinical instructor and faculty member at the University of Alabama School of Medicine, the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center and the College of Medicine, the Kramer School of Nursing, and The University of Tulsa School of Nursing.

“I am honored to be assuming this key position to assist the college in furthering the excellence of its founding programs and to assist and empower the outstanding faculty in all the work they do and their key work on research and scholarship,” Greubel said. “Sitting at the crosshairs of the rising demands for healthcare and notable growth in the health professions, the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences and its partners will serve as the torchbearers in leading us toward a new frontier of wellbeing through interprofessional care.”

In her role as Director of the School of Nursing at TU, Greubel took a lead role in the planning and building of the new Oxley College of Health Sciences facility and built a five-year strategic plan that created new academic programs, including several new doctoral programs.  She was part of the founding faculty of the Institute for Healthcare Delivery Sciences, established partnerships with the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine, the Laureate Institute for Brain Research, and Ascension Healthcare. Through her leadership, students in the Oxley College of Health Sciences now benefit from being part of the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Program.

In addition, Greubel has credentials from TU’s Executive Education in Healthcare Delivery Sciences, the Wharton School of Business, and the Naval War College. She is a Captain in the United States Navy, with distinguished international experience during her 16 years in the Naval Reserves. She was called to active duty in 2005 in Kuwait as the Officer in Charge of a Troop Medical Clinic in Udairi. She served as the Operations Officer for Navy Medicine Support Command, planning and executing more than 25 international humanitarian/disaster relief training exercises. She currently serves as the Assistant Senior Nurse Executive and Command Legal Officer for Expeditionary Medical Facility Dallas One.

“Dr. Greubel brings essential leadership qualities to the next important phase for the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences,” MBU President Pamela R. Fox said. “Her colleagues and associates cite her ability to reach high levels of innovative thinking that address the ever-evolving improvements in patient experience and quality of care. She is visionary, dedicated, and devoted to forging partnerships, building relationships, and garnering resources to support programs, faculty, and the community.”