Best of the Best at Capstone (photos)

At the Capstone Festival’s recognition ceremony on May 9, seven students took home top honors in each presentation section for the stellar creativity, challenge, and execution of their projects. Judges also gave points for how well presenters communicated the significance of their research. Top honors were accompanied by a cash prize, generously provided by the MBU Advisory Board of Visitors (ABV).

Recipients of Top Honors

Creative Works

Talula Mays
To Seek Again the Patchwork House

Delivered Papers/Multimedia A

Mirgina Valembrun
Eden’s Gendered Politics

Delivered Papers/Multimedia B

Elizabeth Shatzer
The Impact of Immigration Policy and Political Climate of Undocumented Latino Immigrant Health and Healthcare Seeking

Delivered Papers/Multimedia C

Virginia Leigh Daniel
Queen Mary I of England 1553-1558 CE, Mary’s Marriage: To Her Crown, To Her People, and to Phillip

Posters A

Katriel Cho
The Effect of Endosome Acidification Inhibitors on LL-37 Localization in THP-1 Monocytes

Posters B

Kelly Li
The Involvement of Lipid Rafts and Caveolae in LL-37/DNA Uptake and Transport

Posters C

Sage Wyatt
Characterization of the Effects of Testosterone Propionate on Gene Expression and Skeletal Development in Zebrafish

Top honors awardees included (l-r) Virginia Leigh Daniel, Katriel Cho, Mirgina Valembrun, Kelly Li, and Talula Mays.

Recipients of the ABV Capstone Senior Project Fellowship

Through the generosity of ABV member sponsors, awards support the following senior research projects for 2019–20:

  • Jay Cropper, Performing Arts and Theatre, As You Think I Am
  • Mahalia Huba, Biochemistry, The Inhibition of LL-37 and Estrogen in ER-Positive Breast and Ovarian Cancer Cells
  • Tatyana Johnson, Biology, Inflammatory Response of Mouse Lungs Caused by Burning Yankee Candles
  • Victoria Moore, Biology, Effect of Vitamin D on Cancer Cell Metastasis and Proliferation
  • Bethany Taylor, Biochemistry, Estrogenic Properties and Removal of TetrabromobisphenolA (TBBPA) by UV Advanced Oxidation
  • Breanna Wojcik, Biology,  A Survey of Nectar Inhabiting Years in the South Eastern Azalea B. Periclymensieles