Message from President Fox

Dear MBU students, faculty and staff,

Yesterday we saw for the first time in a long time a glimmer of hope for the cause of racial equity and accountability in America.

Systemic racism is buttressed by a lack of social accountability. While justice for George Floyd was out of reach the moment his life was taken last May, we wished for accountability for his murder. History taught us not to get our hopes up, but in the end, accountability and progress triumphed over privilege and status quo.

While we celebrate this small but important step toward a more equitable America, we should remember the many, many victims of racial discrimination whose perpetrators have not been held to account. We take hope and inspiration from yesterday’s verdict and use it to fuel the vast work that remains, including on our own campus. In the coming weeks, I anticipate receiving a slate of recommendations from the Coalition for Racial and Social Justice that will inform important systemic changes to create a more just and equitable Mary Baldwin community. I look forward to updating you on this work soon.

The lengthy, distressing trial and the larger issues of racial and social justice have no doubt taken an emotional and mental toll. Please know that the Offices of Inclusive Excellence and Student Engagement stand ready to assist students seeking support and provide a host of resources. MBU Counseling Services are available (including remote options) at 540-887-7281 and you may also wish to connect with University Chaplain Katie Low.


President Fox