MBU Family Digest: Winter 2022

Welcome to the first issue of the MBU Family Digest, which provides information on personnel changes — new hires, departures, and promotions/internal transitions — to MBU faculty and staff. The following list covers the time period between July 1, 2021 and January 20, 2022. The digest will be published on a biannual basis, with the next issue planned for June.

The following list was sourced from offices and departments across the university, but may not be comprehensive. If you would like to add information, please email communicate@marybaldwin.edu.

New Faculty and Staff

Academic Affairs

  • Mary Finch, Shakespeare and Performance Program Resource Coordinator (in person)
  • Matthew Holman, Assistant Professor of Health Sciences/Exercise Science
  • Brianna Kurtz, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education (hybrid)
  • Thomas Newman, Assistant Professor of Biology/Health Sciences
  • Andrew Raridon, Assistant Professor of Sociology
  • Ryan Sain, Assistant Professor of Applied Behavior Analysis

Admissions and Financial Aid

  • Yolanda Burns, Assistant Director of Admissions (in person)
  • McKayla Cotton, Admissions Counselor (in person) 
  • Mary Gilbert, Admissions Counselor (in person)
  • Nick La Grua, Admissions Counselor (in person)
  • Lisa Newman, Assistant Director of Financial Aid
  • Christopher “Kit” Schulz, Admissions Counselor (in person)

Business and Finance

  • Heather Hite,  Manager of Purchasing, Contracts, and Risk Management (hybrid)
  • Lisa Wells, Cashier/ Perkins Loan Administrator, Student Accounts (in person)

Chief Diversity Officer

  • Destiny Woodall, Graduate Assistant, Office of Inclusive Excellence (in person)


  • John Maugans, Mail Services Coordinator
  • Mitch Lathrop, Manager of Environmental Health and Safety

Integrated Communications

  • Cara Fox, Senior Brand Strategist and Copywriter (remote)
  • Eric Wallace, Staff Writer (in person)
  • Kayla Watkins, Social Media Manager (remote)

MBU Online

  • William “Will” Webb, Chief Online Officer and Vice President of MBU Online (remote)

Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences

  • Megan Ady, Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies (in person)
  • Nicole Bertrand, Administrative Assistant, School of Nursing (in person)
  • Casie Brim, Program Director and Assistant Professor, Adult Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner Program
  • Martha D. Cullaty, Instructor, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program (in person)
  • Christianna Herrera, Operations Manager (in person)
  • Shannon Kolecki, Academic Affairs and Program Assistant (in person)
  • Kristen Lee, Assistant Director of Admissions (in person)
  • Jennifer McPherson, Founding Assistant Program Director and Assistant Professor of Nurse Anesthesiology 
  • Natalie Murphy, Director of the School of Nursing and Founding Program Director and Associate Professor, Family Nurse Practitioner Program
  • Johanna Newman, Founding Program Director and Associate Professor, Nurse Anesthesiology Program
  • Caitlin Powers, Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies
  • Elizabeth Richardson, Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy 
  • Sherry Roper, PhD, RN, Associate Professor, RN-to-BSN Program (remote, starts Feb. 1)

Student Engagement

  • Christopher Guffey, Cook, Dining Services
  • Ben Miller, Executive Chef, Dining Services
  • Telena Sanchez, Pantry Worker, Dining Services
  • Justin Skinner, Campus Safety Officer (in person)
  • Bria Webb, Assistant Director of Residence Life and Housing

University Advancement 

  • Ian Callahan, Assistant Director of Advancement Communications (remote)
  • Mary Cohill Harvey, Associate Vice President and Campaign Director (remote)

Internal Transitions and Promotions

Academic Affairs

  • Molly Seremet, Assistant Professor of Theatre (in person)

    • Formerly Adjunct Assistant Professor of Theatre
  • Amy Tillerson-Brown, Dean, Mary Baldwin College for Women 
  • Lori Wall, Operations Coordinator for Applied Behavior Analysis & Autism Studies, College of Education (in person)

    • Formerly Field Placement Coordinator, College of Education
    • Current contact for field placements: Pari Paluszak

Admissions and Financial Aid

  • Samantha Hughes, Director of Admissions, Residential Programs (in person)

    • Formerly Senior Associate Director of Admissions 

Business and Finance

  • Cindy Bono, Payroll Administrator, Human Resources (in person)

    • Formerly Assistant Director of Student Services at Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences
    • Current contact at Murphy Deming: Ashley Fleming
  • Mike Dunaway, Manager of Operations, OIT 

    • Formerly Simulation Center Coordinator at Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences
    • Position is currently open

Chief Diversity Officer

  • Andrea Cornett-Scott, Inaugural Chief Diversity Officer (in person)

    • Formerly Associate Provost for Inclusive Excellence 
  • Jade Doswell, Office of Inclusive Excellence Fellow (in person)

    • Formerly Graduate Assistant, Residence Life
    • Current contact in residence life: Sarah Martin

Integrated Communications

  • Nicole Goodnough, Director of Digital Marketing (in person)

    • Formerly Social Media Director
    • Current contact for social media: Kayla Watkins

Student Engagement

  • Curtis Johnson, Campus Security Officer, Full Time (in person)

    • Formerly Campus Security Officer, Part Time


Academic Affairs

  • Bernadette Griffith, Special Projects Assistant 
  • Bryan Morse, Registrar’s Office Data Analyst Specialist
  • Ashley Strickland, Faculty Resource Coordinator, College of Arts and Sciences

Admissions and Financial Aid

  • William Eason, Admissions Counselor
  • Jennifer Eibert, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

    • Current contact in financial aid: Lisa Newman
  • Carly Fagan, Assistant Director of Admissions

    • Current contact in admissions: Mary Gilbert
  • Sage Hastert, Director of Campus Visits                      

    • Current contact in admissions: McKayla Cotton
  • Kirstin Lazri, Director of Recruitment

    • Current contact in admissions: Samantha Hughes
  • Allison McIntyre, Admissions Coordinator, Admissions

    • Current contact in admissions: Matt Munsey 
  • Margaret Neff, Coordinator of Prospective Student Credentials                      

Business and Finance

  • Wendy Carter, Cashier/Perkins Loan Administrator   

    • Current contact: Lisa Wells                   
  • Robert Cho, Manager of Operations, OIT 
  • Susan Fisher, Cashier/Perkins Loan Administrator                       
  • Mark Mueller, OIT Webmaster 


  • Barbara Brooks, Housekeeper 
  • Sarah Jane Cash, Housekeeper                      
  • Donna Crowe, Housekeeper
  • Benedict Desmond, Groundskeeper/Campus Support
  • Gary Frost, Environmental Services Technician
  • Lacy Hinegardner, Facilities Technician 
  • Christopher Jenkins, Environmental Services Technician 
  • Cathy Ropert, Housekeeper 
  • Suzanna Stephenson, Support Services Coordinator

Integrated Communications

  • Ginny Clemenko, Senior Associate Vice President and Managing Director

    • Current contact: Liesel Crosier                                          
  • Hillary Davis, Creative Director

    • Current contact: Cara Fox
  • Melissa Martin, Project Manager 

Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences

  • Drew Gogian, Director of the School of Nursing

    • Current contact: Natalie Murphy
  • Monica Heck, Director of the RN to BSN Program

    • Current contact: Pamela Dressler                      
  • Sara Lightner, Programs Resource Assistant OT/PT

    • Current contact: Christianna Herrera 

Student Engagement

  • Tina Boettner, Campus Safety Officer                      
  • Mary Frances Edmonds, Dining Services Pantry
  • Natalie Galiano, University Cafe Associate                       
  • Matthew Grossenbach, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
  • Garron Hart, Campus Safety Officer
  • Elizabeth Hobson, Dining Services Cook
  • Amanda Jones, University Cafe Associate 
  • Marah Jones, Head Athletic Trainer 
  • Ayannah Kersey, University Cafe Associate
  • Zayne King, Cook, University Cafe
  • Omari Miller, Assistant Director of Residence Life and Housing                      
  • Akwasi Sarpong, University Cafe Associate 
  • Christopher Sorrells, Executive Chef
  • Ruth Thompson, Head Volleyball Coach
  • Albert Tkacik, Campus Safety Officer 
  • Myrl “Cleve” Vest, Campus Safety Officer
  • Daniel Woodard, Assistant Track and Field Coach