Alumni Named Local Teachers of the Year

MBU celebrates five local alumni who were named teachers of the year for the 2022–23 academic year. Congratulations to the following educators on their achievements.

MBU alumni named 2022-23 teachers of the year include: (top row, l-r) Amber Gibson, Crystal Hostetter, Erin Leitch, (bottom row, l-r) Erin Mitchell, and Christy Mozingo.

Amber Gibson ’20, Third Grade Teacher

  • 2020 graduate of MBU’s online education program
  • Named teacher of the year for both William Perry Elementary School and Waynesboro City Schools 
  • Principal Sharon Barker said, “Amber leads from the heart … She goes the extra mile for our entire school.”
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“Being honored alongside other masters of their craft in the City of Waynesboro was incredibly validating, but when I realized I had won — I could not have been more surprised. It really boosted my confidence.”

Amber Gibson ’20

Crystal Hostetter, Fourth Grade Teacher

  • Earned a BA in sociology with a minor in elementary education at MBU 
  • Named teacher of the year for Craigsville Elementary School in Augusta County 
  • Principal Ali Wright recognized her “dedication, love for students, and years of teaching” at their school.
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Erin Leitch, Kindergarten Teacher

  • Earned a BS psychology with a PK–6 teaching license at MBU 
  • Named teacher of the year at Stump Elementary in Augusta County
  • She considers the growth she sees in her students each year to be the greatest reward of her profession. She works hard to help each child grow, and celebrates their progress both academically and personally. 
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Erin Mitchell, Second Grade Teacher

  • Named teacher of the year for Madison County Public Schools
  • Earned her bachelor’s degree at MBU
  • She describes her overall goal as instilling “a love of learning in a safe, respectable, and fun environment for all my students.”
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Christy Mozingo, Kindergarten Teacher  

  • Earned her professional teaching license in elementary education at MBU in 2002
  • Named teacher of the year for Clymore Elementary School in Augusta County
  • She calls her greatest accomplishment helping young learners grow socially, emotionally, and academically during their formative years to help ensure their future success. 
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“My philosophy of teaching is focused on the idea that every student can learn and succeed in an environment where they are respected, challenged, and feel safe to try new things.”

Amber Gibson ’20