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Bluestocking Stories Season 1

Bluestocking Stories is Mary Baldwin University’s podcast about the people and stories that make our community. Listen for interviews with faculty, staff, students, and alumni exploring their insights, expertise, and experiences.

Season 1 of Bluestocking Stories focuses on creativity, speaking with members of the Mary Baldwin Community who work within and outside of the creative arts, but apply their creative to their fields nonetheless.

Phoebe West

Listen to this interview with Phoebe West, associate vice president of brand strategy and creative direction.

West talks lifelong creativity, fostering creativity in your work, and salad dressing innovation.

TyRon Simmons

TyRon Simmons ’27

Listen to this interview with TyRon Simmons, MBU freshman, early education major, and burgeoning creative.

TyRon talks the transition from NYC to MBU, his commitment to becoming an educator, and his unexpected dive into creative outlets on campus.

Todd Telemeco

Todd Telemeco

Listen to this interview with Dr. Todd Telemeco, vice president and dean of the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences.

Todd talks creativity in medicine, his personal creative outlets, and the importance of fostering a creativity-centered interprofessional curriculum.

Kate Simon

Listen to this interview with Kate Simon, MBU alumna and extraordinary photographer.

Kate talks early childhood creativity, the intimacy of her work as a photographer, and the importance of art as a vector for change.

Peter Kirwan

Listen to this interview with Dr. Peter Kirwan, associate professor of Shakespeare and Performance and lifelong Shakespeare reviewer, practitioner, and educator.

Dr. Kirwan talks teaching internationally, the importance of hands-on education, and the adventure of coming to Staunton from his home in England.

Stori Ayers ’09

Listen to this interview with Stori Ayers, MBU alumna and Broadway actor.

Stori talks discovering her creative side, her time at MBU, and the importance of reconnecting with the world outside of creativity to recharge.