Dance (Minor)

Become a dance thinker and maker of the 21st-century

At Mary Baldwin, we do so much more than simply teach students how to dance. Whether you’re interested in modern dance, jazz, hip hop, ballet, or Broadway, we provide the space and encouragement for you to develop your unique creative voice. We also discuss and discover how diverse cultural experiences influence and are influenced by dance and how dance connects us to our communities, our cultures, and ourselves.

At Mary Baldwin, our dancers find myriad ways to share the joys and rigors of dance whether as professional dancers, dance educators, social workers, health and exercise science practitioners, or physical therapists. Through a minor in Dance, our students are empowered to greet their post-collegiate lives with a sense of wonder, exploration, enthusiasm, focus, and joy.

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Why minor in Dance at Mary Baldwin?

At Mary Baldwin, our Dance minor focuses on the cultural significance of dance and its importance to society. To that end, our curriculum integrates dance studies with social and cultural history courses. Exploring nonverbal communication through dance and understanding dance as a form of cultural expression can complement programs in social work, education, business, and other fields where intuition and education mingle.

Understanding why and how humans dance enhances our ability to relate to one another. As our global community becomes increasingly interconnected, understanding culture through the lens of dance is an invaluable asset to interacting in global markets.

A minor in Dance at Mary Baldwin gives you experience with a wide range of dance styles, as well as the opportunity to teach. Upon graduation, you will be ready to share the joys of dance as an experienced practitioner and professional.

Faculty & Instructors

Nancy Anderson, Director of Dance

Nancy Anderson is a veteran actor, singer, and dancer of Broadway, Off-Broadway, and regional stages. Nominated for an Olivier Award for her portrayal of Lois Lane (Bianca) in the West End Revival of Kiss Me Kate, Nancy has a long list of song-and-dance role credits to her name. Nancy grew up studying at the Boston Ballet School. She studied advanced ballet technique with Gemze DeLappe, trained in the Lynn Simonson Modern Technique with Micki Taylor Pinney in Boston, and studied Modern Jazz with Ann Brown Allen and Danny Sloan, a protege of the renowned Katherine Dunham Dancer, Talley Beatty.

Guest instructors include:

  • Rebekah Bono and Ammara Shafqat from Cora Dance
  • Sara Topham, certified in ballet from the Royal Academy and the Cecchetti Council
  • Adelle Broom and Monte Jones from Latin Ballet of Virginia
  • Alycia Di Palma and Paula Reyes, flamenco experts
  • Lisa Santhanam, an Odissi Classical Indian Dance Specialist
  • Dr. Sheila Ward, certified instructor in the Umfundalai African Dance technique 

Photo by Grace Stockdale

photo credit: Jason Ward

Minor Requirements 

Our Dance minor offers a broad base of experience through two technique survey courses focusing on Modern, Ballet, African, and Latin dance. Students can then choose upper-level electives in different concentrations based on their interests with corresponding cultural studies and/or history courses to deepen their knowledge.

Sample Courses

  • Dance History & Cultural Understanding
  • Foundations in Technique: African & Latin
  • Modern
  • Theater Dance
  • Ballet 
  • Jazz 
  • Hip Hop

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