Sustainable Business Management Certificate 

Where innovation fuels long-term sustainability. 

The businesses of today face the challenge of thriving financially while also protecting the environment and making a positive impact on society. Our certificate program is designed to introduce you to the concept of sustainability and equip you with the knowledge and skills to create sustainable business practices in today’s marketplace.

Undergraduate Certificate

Why Study Sustainable Business Management at Mary Baldwin?

Throughout this program, you’ll explore the vital connections between the environment and sustainability. You’ll discover the compelling arguments for why organizations should embrace sustainable management, not just for ethical reasons but also for the long-term success and profitability of the business. We’ll delve into the role of government regulation in sustainability efforts, as well as examine some criticisms of corporate sustainability.

By completing this certificate, you’ll be able to apply sustainability management principles in the workplace. We’ll introduce you to our 4 Ps model: people, profit, planet, and purpose. You’ll learn how to incorporate and balance these ideals within an organization to achieve sustainable business practices. Additionally, you’ll develop the skills to recognize and implement best practices for measuring and evaluating sustainable management efforts.


In our sustainable business management program, we empower you to explore the forefront of innovation and evidence-based practices. Backed by the latest research in the field, our comprehensive curriculum delves into cutting-edge strategies that drive sustainable success. Guided by our experienced faculty, who are industry professionals, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of the unique attributes of sustainable business practices, equipping you with the knowledge to implement effective strategies and constructive approaches.


  • BUAD 104 Sustainability and Business
  • BUAD 200 Management Principles
  • BUAD 202 Organizational Behavior and Interpersonal Communication
  • BUAD 208 Accounting principles
  • BUAD 230 Marketing Principles
  • BUAD 266 Social Trends and Their Impact on Business
  • BUAD 375 Building Sustainable Brands or Approved 300-level substitute

The Advantages of Academic Certificates 

Enhance Your Knowledge and Skills

Academic certificates provide focused and structured learning. You’ll gain in-depth knowledge and develop practical skills related to sustainable business practices. This specialized expertise can enhance your career prospects and improve your overall competency.

Advance Your Career:  

Academic certificates can open doors to new career opportunities or help you progress within your current profession. Employers often value candidates who demonstrate commitment and expertise by earning additional credentials. It can set you apart from other candidates and increase your chances of securing promotions or higher-level positions.

Gain Industry Relevance:

Academic certificates are designed to align with industry standards and emerging trends. By earning a certificate, you ensure that your knowledge and skills are up to date, making you more relevant and competitive in the job market. 

Network Your Way into Better Opportunities: 

Pursuing an academic certificate often involves interacting with fellow students, instructors, and professionals in the field. This provides opportunities to expand your professional network and establish valuable connections with individuals who share similar interests or work in related industries. Networking can lead to collaborations, mentorships, job referrals, and other professional opportunities.

Cost and Financial Aid 

A great education is worth it. Here’s how Mary Baldwin helps you pay for it: Generous financial aid packages, a broad range of scholarships, transferring maximum credit hours from previous coursework or relevant work and life experiences — the list goes on. Our mission is to help you level up and bring your aspirations to life.

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