Clubs and Student Organizations

At Mary Baldwin, we believe that student experiences beyond the classroom are crucial for career development, skill building, and personal growth. By immersing yourself in various communities and embracing challenging opportunities, you’ll find a sense of belonging within Mary Baldwin. 

Connect with the campus community, participate in events, join student groups, and embrace leadership roles. Whether you prefer virtual or in-person experiences, there are opportunities to find meaning and feel a sense of belonging. 

Join a group

Join a group

At Mary Baldwin, there truly is something for everyone. 

Academic Groups

  • Dive into chemistry with the Chemical Society. 
  • Discuss criminal justice issues with the Criminal Justice Club. 
  • Unleash your math prowess with the Math Club. 
  • Join the Psychology Club and make a difference in local communities. 
  • Embrace sociology and community involvement with the Sociology Club. 

Cultural Groups

  • Immerse yourself in African culture with the African Student Kollective. 
  • Celebrate African American heritage with the Black Student Alliance. 
  • Explore Caribbean, South American, Central American, and African cultures with the Caribbean Student Association. 
  • Experience world cultures with COSMOS: International Club. 
  • Unite Latina students with Latinas Unidas. 
  • Promote cultural awareness with Minority Clubs United. 
  • Advocate for feminist and LGBTQIA+ issues.

Arts and Performance Groups

  • Lift your spirits with Anointed Voices of Praise, a gospel music ministry. 
  • Harmonize with Baldwin Charm, the a cappella group. 
  • Express spirituality through movement with Greater Things Dance Ministry. 
  • Celebrate African American life through theatre with Kuumba Players. 
  • Showcase your talents with League of Elegance dancers. 
  • Experience the beauty of chamber music with Bella Voce. 
  • Join the Mary Baldwin University Choir for joyful musical performances. 
  • Discover your passion for theatre with the Mary Baldwin Theatre. 
  • Show your marching band skills with the MBU/VWIL Marching Band.

Event Planning

  • Make campus life exciting with the Baldwin Program Board. 
  • Plan social events and keep dorms vibrant with the Residence Hall Association. 
  • Guide and support new students as an Orientation Leader.

Civic Engagement

  • Create a brighter future through servitude with A Brighter Tomorrow. 
  • Educate the community about cancer initiatives with Colleges Against Cancer. 
  • Stand against violence and protect women with Help Save the Next Girl. 
  • Promote green living and sustainable business practices with Net Impact.

Faith and Spirituality

  • Embark on a spiritual journey with Quest.


  • Shape the student community with the Student Government Association, governed by the principles of the honor system.

Sports (Non-Varsity)

  • Cheer on Mary Baldwin with the Cheerleading Team. 
  • Ride with the Equestrian Club in the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association. 

Outdoor Recreation 

  • Join the Wilderness Adventure Club

Student Media

  • Showcase your creative talents with Libations and Outrageous Fortune magazines. 
  • Find inspiration and support with Pen & Paper and Umoja Chronicles. 
  • Unleash your filmmaking skills with Mary Baldwin-TV.

Start a group 

Start a group 

Registering a group is easy. Marybaldwin.CampusGroups is designed to foster an online community for Mary Baldwin student clubs and organizations and includes many ways to engage and interact with the Mary Baldwin community. Once you’re officially registered, you can:

  • reserve and use Mary Baldwin facilities.
  • publicize on campus.
  • use the Mary Baldwin University name as part of the organization’s name.
  • invite speakers to campus.
  • qualify for awards and honors given to college organizations.
  • establish dues, and sponsor fundraising projects.
  • apply for funding from the Student Activities Fund.
  • access to a variety of services provided by the Inter-Club Council and Office of Student Events, including leadership development workshops, event planning assistance, etc.

Lead a group

Lead a group

Leading a student group is a great way to develop personal and professional skills, not to mention make friends. Mary Baldwin offers a number of resources and workshops throughout the year for student leaders.

Topics include:

  • Working with your Student Group Advisor
  • Creating Community Through Experience
  • Who is at the Table? Building Inclusion in Your Organization
  • Delegation, Collaboration, and Building on Team Strengths
  • CampusGroups Walkthrough
  • Fundraising

Contact the SGA Inter-Club Council (ICC):

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