Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) at Mary Baldwin offers an enriching and empowering leadership experience. By participating in the SGA, you can unlock your potential and make a tangible impact on campus life.

With over 100 positions available, the SGA fosters student engagement, serving as a driving force behind the success of both the SGA itself and the wider Mary Baldwin community. This means that your involvement in the SGA allows you to actively shape your own academic and social experiences, ensuring they align with your aspirations and goals.


SGA Executive Committee
The executive committee is committed to representing the interests of all students and enhancing the student experience at Mary Baldwin University by working closely with administration, faculty, and staff. 

Appropriations Committee
The appropriations committee distributes funding to clubs and organizations based on the characteristics of a club/organization event. 

Honor Council (HC)
The duties of this board include educating others about Mary Baldwin’s honor code, investigating any possible infractions of the honor code, and imposing sanctions based on individual cases.

Inter-Club Council (ICC)
The Inter-Club Council is an SGA organization that facilitates and governs club activity on the MBU campus.

Student Advocates (SA)
The role of the student advocates is to raise campus awareness about issues such as drug and alcohol abuse, campus diversity, tolerance, and conflict resolution, and to advise and provide support for students accused of honor or judicial violation.

Student Conduct Board (SCB)
The duties of the student conduct board are to educate students about the student code of conduct and social regulations, to hear cases involving infractions of the code and regulations, and to impose penalties as warranted by the individual cases.

Student Senate
The Mary Baldwin University student senate is the voice of the students. The student senate is the SGA’s legislative branch,  liaising between the student body and the SGA by forming committees. 

Student Standards Board (SSB)
Consists of the Student Conduct Board, Honor Council, and Student Advocates

Senior Class Officers
The senior class officers assist in the planning and implementation of Commencement weekend traditions and events; they work closely with staff to spearhead student fundraising for a class gift to the university.

Junior Class Officers
The junior class officers assist in the planning and implementation of the Junior Dads and Family Ball in November. They work to raise funding for the ceremony and choose a faculty or staff member to introduce them as they receive their class rings. They work with the advisor to plan the logistics of this event.

Sophomore Class Officers
The sophomore class officers assist in the planning and implementation of Apple Day. They plan Apple Eve celebrations, including the Attack the PAC class versus class dodgeball tournament and Attack the SAC dance and bonfire. On Apple Day, the sophomore officers are responsible for coordinating morning service projects, including the annual apple gleaning at an area orchard, and the afternoon carnival for the campus community.

Baldwin Program Board (BPB)
The Baldwin Program Board provides opportunities for the student body to form memories and bonds of kinship through engaging social events. BPB hosts four events per month on average throughout the calendar year, ranging from large-scale dances to intimate coffeehouse engagements with entertainment provided by musicians, spoken word artists, comedians, magicians, and so much more.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)
The Residence Hall Association at Mary Baldwin engages the residential population in programs that foster community and self-development. They serve as liaisons and referral sources between residents and campus-wide student organizations and clubs. 

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