Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership

Mary Baldwin boasts the only corps of cadets in the nation just for women. The Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership (VWIL) is a highly regarded leadership training program emphasizing the values of discipline, integrity, and service for both military and civilian career paths. 

Benefits of joining VWIL

Benefits of joining VWIL

Academic Success 

The cadet corps is a community of supportive and ambitious women who see each other through academic challenges. In VWIL, you find a structured environment meant to encourage you and see you succeed.  

Physical training 

Participating in our structured physical training and teamwork-based environment will set you up with healthy habits that support mental clarity, good sleep, and more energy. 

Bonding with fellow cadets 

Our cadets are a diverse group of bright and engaged students. Your experience with them will create deep friendships and connections. 


The leadership studies minor, required for all cadets, prepares you to motivate and support others, lead through service, and achieve results. You will gain a wealth of leadership knowledge and skills for a global world. 

VWIL by the numbers 

VWIL by the numbers 

  • 95% of alumni thought their VWIL education gave them an edge over those who did not have a military college background. 
  • 82% of VWIL cadets continue in the corps through graduation.
  • 58% of VWIL cadets choose to join the U.S. Military.
  • 67% of VWIL cadets are students of color.
  • 65% of VWIL cadets come from outside Virginia, with 25 states represented in the corps, including Arizona, Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah.

Supporting you in your chosen career

Supporting you in your chosen career

Our job is to help each cadet achieve their hopes and dreams. 

For those interested in serving in the military (58% of VWIL graduates), we have a very successful commissioning record and high commissioning rates compared to other ROTC units. Our first graduates have reached the rank of O-6 (Navy CAPT, Air Force Col., Army LTC, and Marine Corps LtCol).

Civilian leaders who graduate from VWIL (42%) often find a path in government service, with criminal justice, education, and health sciences the next most chosen careers.

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