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Our philosophy in advising is to support you in being yourself academically, professionally, and personally. We support you in identifying your interests and passions, then aligning those interests with your strengths,  with what your community needs, and with what will make a fulfilling career. We help with everything from setting and prioritizing goals to answering questions about policies and procedures. 

McCree Center 

The McCree Center for Life Success provides career planning that goes beyond your first job after you earn your degree. That’s because the job market has changed. Current roles and responsibilities are evolving so fast that the job you start preparing for the day you start your college career may look quite a bit different after four years. 

Additionally, firms and organizations don’t have the same career ladders they once did. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average amount of time a person stays in one job is just over four years. The market has responded with less effort placed towards developing their teams. 

At Mary Baldwin, we prepare you with the skills to stay several steps ahead to keep your career on track. Let us help you plan for your future after Mary Baldwin. 

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Academic Resource Center

To grow is to experience challenges and overcome them. But sometimes, we hit a challenge that requires a little extra. Sometimes, we need to call in for backup. That’s where the Academic Resource Center comes in. 

The Academic Resource Center provides you with the support you need to work through difficult concepts in your classes, tune up your writing skills, prepare for the next level of education in graduate school, and think differently about your study habits and learning processes. 

You can succeed here. We know it. Learn more about how we can help you. 

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