Students Collect Dolls for Local Girls

December 3, 2015

black dolls 15 2For the 18th year, Mary Baldwin University students have collected dozens of black baby dolls in an effort to boost confidence and self esteem. This year, students — representing the Ida B. Wells Gateway and PERSIST program — gathered 165 dolls who have “basic” features: no blue or green eyes, no piercings, no highlights in the hair, and no princesses or fairies. Dolls that are accepted are fully clothed and do not come with cell phones. The idea is to give dolls to young girls who look like them, as many available dolls today are covered in tattoos, are scantily clad, or have exaggerated features. Research shows that this phenomenon is perpetuating a negative image among black girls. The dolls will be donated locally to New Directions, local churches, Boys and Girls Club and the Valley Mission.