Positive Year-End Fundraising Results Are Testament to MBU Donors

Despite the cascading consequences of a global pandemic, MBU’s steadfast donors have demonstrated a remarkable level of support for the university and its students. As the University Advancement team closed the books on fiscal year 2020, which ended on July 1, they tracked impressive results for both unrestricted annual giving to the Baldwin Fund and for the MBU Empowers Campaign as a whole.

Since the campaign started in 2017, donors have contributed $13.4 million to date to MBU Empowers — amounting to 53.6% of the $25 million goal — to help launch the potential of a generation of Mary Baldwin students, as they navigate the current crisis and emerge stronger through the combined power of the MBU family.

MBU Empowers got a strong start from Impact Investors and other committed friends under the auspices of MBU’s prior campaign effort, Invest for Impact, giving the university a head start of more than $10 million toward its $25 million goal. The university officially announced the realigned and rebranded MBU Empowers Campaign on May 7.

“I like to say that fundraising is a ‘team sport’”, said Charles E. “Chuck” Davis, vice president of university advancement, “and my colleagues and I want to give special thanks to the many members of the MBU Board of Trustees and all our volunteers who made calls, wrote letters, and served as our ambassadors, as well as the faculty and staff who supported our virtual engagement activities. Their support helped contribute to the positive outcomes during a very unprecedented time for both alumni engagement and fundraising.”

Year-end results demonstrate the dedication of MBU’s donors, yielding amounts very near the goals set at the beginning of the 2020 fiscal year, long before the disruption of COVID-19. The total for new gifts and commitments amounted to $3.813 million (95% of $4 million goal), while unrestricted gifts for the Baldwin Fund came in at $1.701 million (97% of $1.75 million goal). Within the $3.813 million raised, there were new unrestricted pledges of $1.344 million and new restricted pledges of $535,751.

“Every gift made a difference during the end of the fiscal year push and all added up to the success,” said Megan McAllister, director of annual philanthropy. “The second half of our fiscal year was anything but ordinary, but our MBU family underscored their belief in empowering leaders and putting students first through a remarkable show of support.”

Fundraising results for the 2020 fiscal year yielded amounts very near the university’s goals thanks to the dedication of MBU donors and the efforts of the Board, faculty, staff, and volunteers.

Unrestricted funds are put into immediate action as the university prepares to reopen its residential campus in August.

“Gifts to the Baldwin Fund right now help ensure the safe transition back to campus for students, faculty, and staff,” said Josh McCoy, associate vice president of university advancement. “Having those essentials in place to look after our community’s health and wellbeing will support our students’ success inside and outside the classroom.” 

Campus safety measures supported by the Baldwin Fund include on-site testing through the health center; cleaning and sanitizing equipment and supplies; social distancing requirements; residence hall and classroom changes; signage for education and awareness of health best practices; additional hand sanitization areas; and many other public health procedures and precautions. Funds also go toward maintaining the technology needed to train future healthcare practitioners at the Murphy Deming College of Health Sciences, and provide resources for in-person and online learning so students and faculty can succeed no matter their personal circumstances. The complete details of MBU’s Back to Baldwin reopening plan can be found here.

As President Pamela Fox conveyed in her recent video message, challenges will occur at MBU, as with other colleges and universities, over the coming academic year, and life on campus will be different. But the unique Mary Baldwin spirit means that our community uses these challenges to find new opportunities to better connect with each other, academic research and scholarship, giving back to the community, and to this monumental time in history. 

To become part of MBU’s efforts to launch students into their bright futures, please visit mbuempowers.com.