Student Leaders Honored at Annual Ceremony

On April 6, the annual Student Government Association (SGA) Installation and Leadership Awards Ceremony recognized members of the MBU family who have made a positive difference during a challenging year.

During the ceremony, the university honored outgoing student leaders for their dedication and engagement and awarded MBU Community Leadership Awards. Newly elected student leaders for the upcoming academic year accepted their positions, and awards were given to MBU staff members for excellence in advising. 

Open via livestream to the MBU community, the ceremony was limited to presenters only with campus safety protocols in place. 

The annual Student Government Association Installation and Leadership Awards Ceremony on April 6 recognized members of the MBU family who have made a positive difference during a challenging year.

Student Awards

Boldly Baldwin Award

For demonstrating exceptional school spirit and a desire to mentor and help fellow students: Elizabeth Mcglaughlin

Brenda Bryant Leadership Award

For demonstrating excellence in campus leadership: Zaria Clemons

Honor and Integrity Award

For demonstrating a commitment to upholding the principles of Mary Baldwin’s Honor and Conduct Codes: Catherine Bailey

President’s Award

For demonstrating excellence in campus leadership and service and being instrumental in advancing the university’s strategic plan: Deonna Perry

Unsung Hero Award

For demonstrating excellence in service to the university, with or without receiving public acknowledgement for their work: Jessa Balough

Organization Awards

Organization of the Year Award

For being most effective in engaging students and encouraging participation in campus life: Kuumba Players

Organization Service Award 

For engaging in service and promoting global awareness and civic engagement: Black Student Alliance

Faculty/Staff Awards

Advisor of the Year

For a faculty or staff member who serves as an advisor to a student group or organization and has demonstrated outstanding service and leadership to those students: Heidi Bustos, Program for the Exceptionally Gifted residence hall director

Staff of the Year

For serving Mary Baldwin University and demonstrating outstanding service to the MBU community and leadership to students: Sarah Martin, director of residence life and housing

MBU Student Leaders 2021–22

SGA Executive Committee                                      

SGA President: Parmie Dean

SGA Vice President: Ousmane Dansoko

SGA Secretary: Endia Harvey

SGA Executive Officer of Campus Services: Laureyn Mayre Sitton

Baldwin Program Board                                          

Baldwin Program Board Chair: Zaria Clemons

BPB Vice Chair: Catherine Bailey

BPB Secretary: Gwen Elverson

Residence Hall Association Board                           

RHA President: Meri-Lynn Johnson

RHA Vice President: Adele Beaucicot

RHA Treasurer: Shaahi Kanumuri

Honor Council                                                        

Honor Council Chair: Catherine Bailey

Honor Council Representative: Stella Remigio

Honor Council Representative: Emily Dillon

Honor Council Representative: Sydney Blackwell

Honor Council Representative: Nina Copeland

Honor Council Representative: Lillian Brown

 Student Conduct Board                                          

Student Conduct Board Chair: Lakeje Bekuretsion

Student Conduct Board Representative: Elise Deng

Student Advocates                                                

Student Advocate Chair: India McCoy

Student Advocate Representative: Kristin Lurie

Student Advocate Representative: Gerardo Escalera Cardoso

Class of 2022                                                         

Class of 2022 President: Endia Harvey

Class of 2022 Vice President: Kristi Walsh

Class of 2023                                                        

Class of 2023 President: Adele Beaucicot