Wellness Happenings

June / July 2024

Each month, MBU’s Director of Wellness Initiatives Christine Flory will share events, insights, and strategies on a variety of health-related topics with faculty and staff.

See below for the latest health and wellness news, and reach out to Christine at 540-887-7167 or cmflory@marybaldwin.edu.

You can follow MBU health and wellness on Instagram, and access additional info on the MBU health and wellness website.

*Please note Christine is out of the office June 15-Aug. 15.

Celebrate Pride by focusing on health and wellbeing for all — because everyone deserves to feel empowered, supported, and proud of who they are. Image credit: Health Advocate blog

June Health Observances

Pride Month

National Safety Month

Men’s Health Month

International Yoga Day

June 21 is International Yoga Day. If you’re stressed at work, try this simple yoga sequence.

Healthy Summer Recipes

Need a healthy recipe for a summer meal? Try these ideas!

Faculty/Staff Support Through TimelyCare

TimelyCare provides a dedicated phone line for faculty and staff to reach the
TimelyCare team for guidance and support in cases of student distress.

You can access Faculty and Staff Support by calling 833-4-TIMELY. It’s available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Wellness Portal for Faculty/ Staff: Health Advocate

Please note Christine (director of wellness initiatives) is out of the office June 15-Aug. 15. Please direct questions during this time to Health Advocate’s customer service address: answers@HealthAdvocate.com.

As of January, Health Advocate has replaced the WebMD wellness portal for faculty/staff.

You can create your account and backlog any activities that qualify you for the second quarter wellness incentive (April 1, 2024- June 30, 2024).

Quarter two deadline to earn and log incentives is June 30.

Please take a few minutes to watch this video, which provides a comprehensive overview of the new wellbeing portal and how to log incentives.

Health Advocate Summer Challenges

Summer Self-Care Challenge

DURATION: 11 Weeks

START: June 1, 2024

END: Aug. 15, 2024

This summer, practice self-care! Nurturing your body and mind with movement and meditation, spending time with others and in nature, and giving yourself compassion over criticism supports your health, happiness, and growth. 

MBU self-care challenge

The US 58 Challenge

DURATION: 17 Weeks

START: June 1, 2024

END: Sept. 30, 2024

While it’s not the Oregon Trail, we can experience some of what westward explorers did, walking the length of Virginia via US 58. From KY/TN to Virginia Beach. Only 504 miles!

Due to the distance, care should be taken to get serious steps in every day.

Anthem EAP Webinars

View on demand

To view a seminar on demand, go to anthemeap.com and enter your company code: MBU

You’ll find a link to these and other seminars on the homepage.

View the seminars anytime, anywhere. Submit a question and receive a response via email. Questions are logged in a FAQ section, so you can browse and learn from the questions of others.

EAP Webinar Recordings


Don’t forget you have access to EAP and Talkspace!

These services provide in-network virtual EAP support for counseling and therapy.

Talkspace offers private and convenient mental health support on your schedule. Engage in counseling, therapy, and medication services from the convenience of your device (iOS, Android, web).

All care is delivered virtually by a behavioral health clinician or medical professional. Talkspace’s network includes thousands of licensed, insured, and verified therapists and prescribers who can treat a variety of needs.

Upcoming Health and Wellness Events

June 5: Coloring and Coffee at MDCHS

June 11: EAP Webinar on Estate Planning

June 20: Health Advocate Webinar on Supporting Your Kids: Identifying and Addressing Signs of Stress

July 18: Health Advocate Webinar on Social Media Privacy