Accelerated Bachelor’s to MBA

Earn your MBA faster. Make an impact sooner.

Eager to get started in the dynamic world of business? Our accelerated dual-degree program allows you to earn your bachelor’s degree and MBA within just five years. Join the next generation of forward-thinking business leaders who drive positive change. And, do it while optimizing your tuition expenses and building meaningful relationships with industry professionals, faculty, and fellow students.

Time to finish
5 years
In Person & Online (BA), Fully Online (MBA)
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Science
Masters of Business Administration
Graduates congratulating one another at MBU's 2023 Commencement Ceremony.

Why enroll in the Accelerated Bachelor’s to MBA program at Mary Baldwin?

At Mary Baldwin University, we empower our students for success in the dynamic world of business. Our accelerated dual-degree program equips you with a solid foundation in business fundamentals, outstanding communication and reasoning skills, and the practical experience necessary to thrive in the business world – all in just five years.

How it Works

  1. Declare your Business major, any emphasis area, no later than the 2nd semester of your sophomore year. (If you are transferring with an associate’s degree you must declare your Business major at admission.)
  2. Declare your intention to pursue the MBA to your advisor no later than the second semester of your second year at MBU.
  3. Include three graduate classes as part of your undergraduate degree, beginning in the third year.
  4. Complete your Business Bachelor’s degree with a 3.0 GPA, and move directly into the MBA program. A separate application for the MBA is not required.
  5. Complete the remaining requirements for your MBA in just one calendar year.

Benefits of our dual-degree program

Cost savings: By completing both degrees in five years, you save a year’s worth of tuition, fees, and living expenses. Also, three graduate courses are charged at the undergraduate rate for additional savings.

Pain-free transition: Easily advance to the graduate program –  no MBA application required!

Network and relationship-building: Completing both degrees at the same institution allows you to build deep, meaningful connections with faculty, mentors, and peers.

More in-depth research: Starting graduate-level research while an undergraduate provides you with more time to deep dive into your areas of interest.

Coordinated counseling: Undergraduate and graduate advisors begin working together while you’re in your final undergraduate year for additional support.

Earn your BA or BS en route: Your bachelor’s in Business is not dependent on completing the MBA program requirements. You will receive your Bachelor’s degree on your way to the graduate program.

Get started, faster: You’re eager to start an exciting career in business. Our accelerated program gets you out into the workforce one calendar year sooner with all of the competitive advantages that come with an advanced business degree. 

“Time is money, and at the Palmer School of Business, we value both. Our accelerated Bachelor’s to MBA program allows motivated students to enjoy the benefits of completing a dual degree in less time than it would take to complete two degrees separately. We’re committed to supporting your goals and getting you there faster, for less money.”

Cat McPhersonAssociate Dean of the Palmer College of Professional StudiesDirector of the Palmer School of Business

Take the leap.

Our accelerated dual-degree program gives you access to all of the resources and benefits of our bachelor’s and MBA programs. That includes the support and guidance of Palmer School of Business faculty and advisors, internships, externships, capstones, and other unique opportunities to set you on the path to success. After five years, you’ll graduate with an advanced degree and skill set, a deep understanding of business, and invaluable connections to make your dream career a reality.

Cost & Financial Aid

We work hard to make an MBU education one of the most affordable in the country. 95% percent of MBU students receive scholarship awards or financial aid. And MBU helps you get your degree faster by maximizing transfer credits and translating relevant work and life experiences into course credits. A great education is worth it. Let us help you bring your aspirations to life.

It’s time to level up your career. Apply today!