Religious Studies (Minor)

Explore how religion has shaped our world

MBU students can declare a major in Religious Studies until August 2024.
Students who have already declared a major or will declare one from the existing course catalog prior to August 2024 will be able to complete their major on schedule through courses offered at Mary Baldwin.

Religious Studies involves the study of religious history and modern religious issues in a manner that regards all spiritual traditions equally. A minor in religious studies draws upon many of the same tools as philosophy, history, sociology, anthropology, and theology. Students will exercise strong analytical and original thinking skills and develop their ability to empathize with the perspectives and beliefs of fellow human beings.

The religious studies minor provides an understanding of different religions including Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam.

Minor Only
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Why minor in Religion at Mary Baldwin?

What is the nature of the sacred? How do the major religions of the world express and codify our relations to the holy? How do the major religions of the world speak to a common ultimate concern? How do they differ in the beliefs they promote?

A minor in Religion creates space for you to explore fundamental questions about life and our purpose on this planet. It allows you to dive deep to better understand peoples, cultures, and societies around the globe – what unites and divides us – through the lens of religion.

To study religion is to study diverse belief systems that have had a significant influence on the lives of millions of people worldwide. Religious faith has been the source of great artistic and literary achievements while, at the same time, serving as the justification for many of the world’s major conflicts, wars, and social movements. Understanding the role religion plays in conflicts and social change, and the resources it may bring to their resolution is one important reason for its study.

Special Opportunities

  • Quest: A co-curricular interfaith program with programming provided on campus through the Office of the Chaplain
  • Programs sponsored by Philosophy and Religious Studies including Black Baby Doll Day, International Day of Peace, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Service, Kwanzaa, interfaith excursions, and others
  • Black History Month events: Oratorical Contest with community participation, Gospel Extravaganza, Praise House Service
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Minor Requirements 

The Religious Studies minor is an 18-credit program exploring a variety of religions in their socio-historical contexts.

Sample Courses

  • Old Testament – Hebrew Bible
  • New Testament – Christian Bible
  • Buddhism
  • Hinduism
  • Magic, Ritual, and Religion

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