Student Privacy (FERPA)

The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) gives you, as a student, control over who has access to your academic information. The Student Privacy Form, better known as the FERPA form, is how you tell us who can request your academic record. The University cannot legally release your academic information without your consent — even to your parent or guardian.

You are not required to provide access to a parent. Your designee may be anyone of your choosing or no one at all. You may choose to provide access to more than one person. To do so you will complete the form more than once. If you do not wish to provide designee access to anyone, please email and let us know. Please state that you do not wish to provide FERPA-designated access to anyone.

If you do want to provide access to someone else:

  1. Login to MyMBU with your Mary Baldwin account
  2. Find the FERPA Release tab on the Student Info page
  3. Choose “Define new Parent Permissions” and complete the form

Download the reference document

Need help? Visit The Office of the Registrar’s webpage and click on the FERPA tab.