Hilltop Residence Hall

Hilltop Residence Hall is a community-style residence hall that houses both double and triple room spaces and a community bathroom on each floor. This hall also has a lounge and kitchen on the ground floor.

Kable Residence Hall

Kable Residence Hall primarily houses upper class cadets in the Virginia Women’s Institute for Leadership (VWIL). It features a kitchen, community bathroom, and lounge on each floor, a mini fitness room on the ground floor, and offers double and triple room spaces.

King Residence Hall

Named after William Wyatt King — business manager for Mary Baldwin in the late 1800s — this residential facility is equipped with two classrooms and a kitchen on the ground floor. The hall also features suite-styled rooms on the second floor and lofted rooms on the third floor as well as lounge spaces on each floor.

McClung Residence Hall

Welcome to McClung Residence Hall, a tribute to the remarkable Agnes McClung, friend and colleague of Mary Julia Baldwin. On the first floor, discover a cozy TV lounge, fully equipped kitchen, laundry room, study room, and vending machines for your convenience. The second and third floors offer double- and triple-occupancy rooms, accompanied by beautifully remodeled bathrooms. Step onto the spacious veranda on the second floor and enjoy sweeping views of Carpenter Academic Hall and the main campus lawn. McClung Hall is proudly utilized by the Mary Baldwin College for Women program. 

Memorial Residence Hall

With its carpeted hallways, brass fixtures, and inviting hardwood floors in the residence rooms, Memorial exudes charm and comfort. Relax in the TV lounge or whip up a delicious meal in the full kitchen. Take care of laundry conveniently and grab a snack from the vending machines. Memorial features double occupancy rooms. Additionally, the Ida B. Wells Living Learning Community finds its home in Memorial.

Spencer Residence Hall

Named after our fifth president, this cozy residence features lounges, kitchens, and community televisions on each floor. Rooms offer ample storage, dressers, closets, and built-in sinks. The ground floor boasts a student lounge, vending machines, laundry, and offices for student organizations.

Tullidge Residence Hall

Originally built in 1966 as part of the esteemed Staunton Military Academy barracks, Tullidge offers unparalleled convenience. Situated by the vibrant parade grounds and the bustling Physical Activities Center, it’s just a short walk to the rest of the campus. Inside, you’ll find comfortable double and triple occupancy rooms designed to make you feel right at home. On the first floor, you’ll discover convenient laundry facilities, a kitchen, and vending machines to satisfy your cravings. 

Tyson Residence Hall

Serving as the home of the PEG Center, this bright and spacious building brings together the best of comfort and convenience. Completed in November 2002, Tyson Hall enjoys an ideal location nestled between the esteemed Grafton Library and Pearce Science Center. Step into modern double-occupancy student rooms arranged in cozy clusters, overseen by our dedicated live-in residence staff members. The center is thoughtfully designed with study and lounge areas, washers and dryers for added convenience, small kitchens, and supplementary storage space. 

Woodrow Terrace Graduate Apartments

Located near the Staunton campus, Woodrow Terrace Apartments provide housing for MBU graduate students. The building offers 11 total student spaces, with three single apartments (one bedroom/one bathroom; living room; kitchen; front and/or rear porch access), and four doubles (two bedrooms/one bathroom; living room; dining/study area; kitchen; front and/or rear porch access). There’s also a common room and laundry area, available for use by all residents.

Woodson Residence Hall

Experience Woodson Residence Hall at Mary Baldwin University — honoring the legacy of former MBU Trustee Margaret Craig Woodson. Each room is equipped with a built-in sink, wardrobe, dresser, and cabinet. The first floor features a kitchen, laundry room, vending services, and a spacious TV lounge. 

Special Interest Housing

ADP House

ADP House is home to the Umoja living-learning community, a special interest community for highly motivated young women who are committed to creating and facilitating events that celebrate and explore African American history and culture. Working closely with the Office of Inclusive Excellence, the residents create a center for co-curricular learning and sponsor special events offered to those who are genuinely interested in learning more about African American culture in a safe and supportive environment.

Edmondson House

Edmondson House is the home of the La Casa Rosario Castellanos living-learning community. Named after one of Mexico’s most important feminist literary voices, La Casa Rosario Castellanos, is a special interest community that houses highly motivated young women who are committed to creating and facilitating events that celebrate and explore Latine culture. Working closely with the Office of Inclusive Excellence and Latines Unides, the residents of La Casa create a Latine cultural center for co-curricular learning.

Ida B. Wells Living-Learning Community

Named for the noted civil rights activist, suffragist, and journalist, the Ida B. Wells living-learning community is for women of African descent who want to explore culture, identity, leadership, and civic engagement as the foundation for their active participation in the university community. Ida B. Wells residents live in McClung Residence Hall at MBU. 

Mary Baldwin College for Women

The Mary Baldwin College for Women is a one-of-a-kind program focused on preparing women to be leaders. Drawing on the long legacy of empowering women at Mary Baldwin, the college for women offers dedicated community living space, as well as women-centered programming, experiential learning, and unique opportunities. College for Women residents live in McClung Residence Hall at MBU. 

PERSIST Scholars

Standing for Promoting Excellence and Reinforcing Success in Student Transitions, PERSIST is a cohort program for male first-year students of African descent. As a scholar, you’re encouraged to make useful connections by participating in programming sponsored by the Office of Inclusive Excellence. PERSIST Scholars live in Spencer Residence Hall at MBU.

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