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Pursue a degree in Elementary Education or Special Ed

At Mary Baldwin, we offer the best fully accredited teaching program around. Teacher education has been a strength of ours for a long time, and it’s our single most popular academic program. At Mary Baldwin, we offer two undergraduate programs to prepare you for teaching licensure: the Elementary Education BA and Special Ed BA.

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Time to finish
4 years
Bachelor of Arts
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Why study Education at Mary Baldwin?

Mary Baldwin has been educating teachers for over 177 years! Our education programs are well-recognized in the state of Virginia and nationwide. Benefits include:

  • Hands-on lab work, research, and Changemaker internships to enhance your expertise in your chosen concentration
  • Personalized attention from one-on-one interactions with professors and small classes
  • Excellent employment outcomes: 100% of our grads obtain employment in their area of concentration

Two Bachelor’s Programs

We offer two undergraduate bachelor’s programs: Elementary Education and Special Ed. By the end of both programs, students are fully prepared to complete the required assessments for licensure and embark on their new careers.

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Our dual-degree BA/MEd program

Our accelerated dual-degree program allows you to earn a BA and MEd in Education in just five years. Benefits include:

  • Expanding your knowledge and skillset
  • Optimizing your tuition
  • Significantly Increasing your earning potential as a new teacher!
A teacher stands over middle school students working at a table in the library.

A profession and a passion

The state of Virginia needs you! Teaching allows you to make a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and communities as you guide and support students through their educational journeys. It’s a profession that offers meaningful connections, personal growth, and the satisfaction of knowing you’re having a real, positive impact on society.

Cost & Financial Aid

We work hard to make an MBU education one of the most affordable in the country. 95% percent of MBU students receive scholarship awards or financial aid. And MBU helps you get your degree faster by maximizing transfer credits and translating relevant work and life experiences into course credits. A great education is worth it. Let us help you bring your aspirations to life.

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