Safety and Emergency Preparedness Information

Safety Escorts

Safety Escorts

The Mary Baldwin Office of Campus Safety provides a walking escort to students, faculty, staff, and visitors around the immediate campus. This service is normally offered from dusk to dawn. The purpose of the escort is to provide a measure of safety for those that are uncomfortable, fearful, or apprehensive about walking alone between points on campus.

The Safety Escort is not meant to meet an individual’s routine transportation needs, or a ride program for inclement weather.

Campus Safety Officers are empowered to use their own discretion and provide a vehicle escort if there are multiple calls for service pending and the vehicle escort will free them up sooner to respond to additional requests.

You may request an escort from any Safety Officer on duty; or call Campus Safety at 540-887-7000.


Tornado Safety

In rapidly moving storms, there is often little warning. Minutes count. 

Students, faculty, and staff should familiarize themselves with the safest place in each building on campus to take shelter in the event of a severe weather event, such as a tornado. 

Those who are outside and cannot immediately take shelter inside should take refuge in the lowest place possible, such as a ditch, lying face down.

A tornado watch means that tornadoes are possible. Remain alert for approaching storms. Watch the sky and stay tuned to radio, television, and phone alerts for more information.

A tornado warning indicates that a tornado has been sighted or indicated by weather radar. Take shelter immediately.

The university will send out a Baldwin Alert Message (BAM) in the event of a tornado warning, but also be aware of the signs of a tornado from the Federal Emergency Management Agency:

  • Dark, often greenish sky
  • Large hail
  • A large, dark, low-lying cloud (particularly if rotating)
  • Loud roar, similar to a freight train

Fire Safety

Fire Safety

In community living and residence halls, fire safety is very important. 

It’s important to know evacuation routes, and what to do in the case of a fire or fire alarm. Also be aware of what you can do to protect yourself and your fellow students or colleagues from a potential fire. 

For questions or concerns about fire safety policies and planning, please contact Campus Safety at 540-887-7000.

If you see fire or smell smoke in a building:

  1. Evacuate the building,
  2. Pull the fire alarm while evacuating (there is normally a pull station at every exit).
  3. Report to the building assembly point area.
  4. Call 911 and let the dispatcher know the location and any details you can give about the incident. (If it is safe to do so, after calling 911, call Campus Safety at 540-887-7000.)
  5. When personnel arrive on scene tell them what you know, and if you know of anyone who may be trapped or missing. DO NOT re-enter the building until given clearance from the Fire Department or a Campus Safety Officer on scene.

Health and Safety Inspections

The Office of Residence Life conducts Health and Safety Inspections with the assistance of the Office of Campus Safety at various times throughout the year. Learn more about inspections.

It is important to note: per the housing agreement, MBU staff may need to enter residence hall rooms for the following but not limited reasons; routine maintenance, repairs, inspections, and emergencies. If a staff member identifies a fire/health safety violation, they are required to report it to the Office of Residence Life and/or Campus Safety.

Annual Report

Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

View the annual report as required by the Clery Act here.

A paper copy of the data on this page may be obtained by emailing or calling Mary Baldwin University at 540-887-7000 and providing a current mailing address.

Baldwin Alert Messages (BAM)

Baldwin Alert Messages

Baldwin Alert Messages are a crucial component of the university’s emergency communication system. The university uses BAM to alert the community to imminent danger — for example, a tornado, fire, chemical spill, or threat of violence.

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